deep within the center of our being

thoughts and emotions lie unseen

billions of atoms floating about

sometimes they cannot help but shout

so out comes the smile

it lasts for a while

sometime the tears

dismaying those near

people do not like you to show your truth

they would rather live above and aloof

you get in where it bleeds

you allow your emotions freed

this is uncomfortable for most

they would rather cheer and give  a toast

they call you “sensitive” like it was a crime

to be so human and not a mime

amazing how often it is said with disdain

like i am suppose to change and hide in the rain

it hurts when they say it in such a demeaning way

but you are who you are, and will not sway

perhaps your truth is too much to bear

you do not be it to show or scare

it is who you  are for all its wear

it is sad to  be so misunderstood

it is lonely and difficult under the hood

but you made a choice long ago

no longer would you hide your glow

be it happy, smiling, angry or sad

it is who you are…just be glad

you have passion for the truth

not the mediocre stifled booth


Namaste, I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light, and of peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me we are one.

Namaste is a common Hindi greeting or salutation. I found the above definition of “Namaste” so intrinsically beautiful!  To me, the greeting, Namaste, opens up the possibility of accepting myself as a person worthy of love and goodness and, in turn, receiving the other into my life, as I resonate with their love and goodness.  This greeting says hello to me with the wind of love. This greeting opens  up to me the possibility of living in harmony with all human beings.  Namaste initiates the meeting with someone with such profound respect and moves my inner being with great hope and future for all of us.  This greeting makes me happy!


Namaste! (Photo credit: Nomad Thru Life.)


Darling, I love you

I love the truth within you that runs deep like a canyon ravine

I love the light traveling within you so pristine

I love the peace within you, that is as gentle as the night’s dream


Darling, I love me

I love the truth within myself that I have learned to find

I love the light that I have been given from my birth in the Eternal Mind

I love the peace I feel when quiet and silent in the Divine


I love the truth, the light, the peace in you

I love the truth, the light, the peace in me

Together, we find love and eternity


Another one for valentines day 'True Love' On ...

Another one for valentines day ‘True Love’ On Black (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Finding the comfort zone

in the love-lit breeze

between you and me!

Establishing where you begin

and I stop…

Establishing where you stop

and I begin…

Messiah complex–

poor substitute for love…

Come to terms with yourself

in order to give fully to another

find yourself in a suspended state

weaving in and out of love

how much to give

when to hold back

the tenderness of the soul holds a secret entrance

delicate like the petals of a flower

opening to receive yet closely gently with the night breeze

love is a strong magnetic pull

where does lust end?


love begin?

how much of what I need do I camouflage and frame as  loving you?

how much is true love?

true love allows the other to be…

true love gives space to the becoming…

* * * * * *

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