deep within the center of our being

thoughts and emotions lie unseen

billions of atoms floating about

sometimes they cannot help but shout

so out comes the smile

it lasts for a while

sometime the tears

dismaying those near

people do not like you to show your truth

they would rather live above and aloof

you get in where it bleeds

you allow your emotions freed

this is uncomfortable for most

they would rather cheer and give  a toast

they call you “sensitive” like it was a crime

to be so human and not a mime

amazing how often it is said with disdain

like i am suppose to change and hide in the rain

it hurts when they say it in such a demeaning way

but you are who you are, and will not sway

perhaps your truth is too much to bear

you do not be it to show or scare

it is who you  are for all its wear

it is sad to  be so misunderstood

it is lonely and difficult under the hood

but you made a choice long ago

no longer would you hide your glow

be it happy, smiling, angry or sad

it is who you are…just be glad

you have passion for the truth

not the mediocre stifled booth

be YOUR Light!

so easy it is to climb into yourself and give up

crawl back into that cave of self-pity, fill the cup

allowing the voices of the distant past

take up rent and killing you fast

penetrate your being, tearing you down

making you feel the fool and the hopeless clown

refuse to give up the fight

climb back out and be the light

they never understood

they never could

you couldn’t play the game

the stakes  too high for you to claim

you felt the passion deep

for truth you would seek

refuse to give up the fight

climb back out and be the light

maybe not everyone understood you

maybe not everyone could be true

it does not mean that what you valued was wrong

they just were playing a different song

they did not understand the passion that drove you

they did not understand you cared for more than a few

they did not understand you were only expressing an insight

they did not understand you’re being part of the light

they could only shut you down and throw you out

for then they could continue without a doubt

refuse to give up the fight

crawl back out and be the light

if only for a second the truth did shine

it was worth it all to be YOU on the line

somewhere, some day someone will find you

until then, believe in the light and all that is true


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