Tanka #9: crystal moments


Crystal Moment Photo Credit: c. Jane H. Johann, 11/20/2015. Countryside of Palmyra, WI, USA.

Crystal Moment
Photo Credit: c. Jane H. Johann, 11/20/2015. Countryside of Palmyra, WI, USA.



nature guides us through

branching outwards from our core

as we dream through days

growing into crystal beings

melting into one another

[ˈtäNGkə]  NOUN
  1. a Japanese poem consisting of five lines, the first and third of which have five syllables and the other seven, making 31 syllables in all and giving a complete picture of an event or mood.
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Sunday Morning Blessings to you All from the countryside of Palmyra, Wisconsin, USA


the sun is beginning to rise in the East


sharing its LIGHT for ALL to feast


highlighting the wooden tapestry held in our sight


giving wonder and glory to each piece of nature’s delight


May this day bring peace and harmony to all people everywhere in our world. We are ONE.  Our diversity is our richness…may we honor this great gift in one another. May we find joy in all the colors of our humanity. May we live compassionately and with forgiveness towards one another. May we honor one another’s beliefs and together work for the common good for each and every one of us. May trust and respect grow among us and may we help each other when in need, always looking for the good, always lifting each other up towards the LIGHT.

Thank you to all of my WordPress writers and friends. Your presence in my life encourages me to go forward, despite my failings, and to seek another day! Sometimes I just want to give-up…and then I come back to this WordPress and I always find encouragement in your words and postings.  WORDS do give HOPE. Thank you for your gentle presence and quiet in my life! Blessings to you all, in all the corners of the WORLD!


We are ONE

we can practice any religion

and still…

we all live in the heart of  God

we each find our own path

our own way of blending into the universe

I may —



burn incense

display flowers

wear a cross

carry the Koran

carry the Bible

consult my magic crystals

believe in reincarnation

We are ALL seeking the same ONENESS

we are all striving to find the Center

we are all seeking LOVE

let us allow the individual ways of reaching LOVE be a source of unity among us

we are all working for GOOD on our soul journey

may we celebrate our diversity

celebrate that we are on a journey together

celebrate our ONENESS

In ONENESS we will find each other

we are all interconnected


Namaste, I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light, and of peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me we are one.

Namaste is a common Hindi greeting or salutation. I found the above definition of “Namaste” so intrinsically beautiful!  To me, the greeting, Namaste, opens up the possibility of accepting myself as a person worthy of love and goodness and, in turn, receiving the other into my life, as I resonate with their love and goodness.  This greeting says hello to me with the wind of love. This greeting opens  up to me the possibility of living in harmony with all human beings.  Namaste initiates the meeting with someone with such profound respect and moves my inner being with great hope and future for all of us.  This greeting makes me happy!


Namaste! (Photo credit: Nomad Thru Life.)


Darling, I love you

I love the truth within you that runs deep like a canyon ravine

I love the light traveling within you so pristine

I love the peace within you, that is as gentle as the night’s dream


Darling, I love me

I love the truth within myself that I have learned to find

I love the light that I have been given from my birth in the Eternal Mind

I love the peace I feel when quiet and silent in the Divine


I love the truth, the light, the peace in you

I love the truth, the light, the peace in me

Together, we find love and eternity