We are ONE

we can practice any religion

and still…

we all live in the heart of  God

we each find our own path

our own way of blending into the universe

I may —



burn incense

display flowers

wear a cross

carry the Koran

carry the Bible

consult my magic crystals

believe in reincarnation

We are ALL seeking the same ONENESS

we are all striving to find the Center

we are all seeking LOVE

let us allow the individual ways of reaching LOVE be a source of unity among us

we are all working for GOOD on our soul journey

may we celebrate our diversity

celebrate that we are on a journey together

celebrate our ONENESS

In ONENESS we will find each other

we are all interconnected

9 thoughts on “We are ONE

  1. mashamiah says:

    Beautiful! You wrote what the world needs to realize right this moment.


  2. Susan says:

    You can connect and compose a new poem by using the titles of your recent posts. I did that accidentally….I read about 15 titles until I realized my mistake?? Or was it???


  3. And the beauty is, our choices are not limited to teachings and beliefs of “organized religions.” In the end and above all, we are all part of One, regardless of how we worship. Nice post.


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