DER HORENDE by Toni Zenz


building in my mind

squeezing the orange

one more time!

pain floating

in and out

how the inner voices

leap and shout

Toni Zenz, “Der Hörende”

(“The Listener,” bronze, 1957,

Pax-Christi Kirche, Essen, Germany)

why?…why not?

judge…do not judge


brain fog smudge


leap on that being

turn it into becoming

let out the primordial scream




9 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. Yoshiko says:

    Thumbs up for capturing the intense I am going through now


  2. The two sections (stanzas?) appear to have different voices. The first sounds young and idyllic while the second sounds much more adult, more sophisticated. Personally, I enjoy complexity in prose and poetry. This poem achieves this but erI wish there was more of it. I realize that you achieved your desired goal and that is what matters. No need for hyperbole, no superfluous fluff. You know how much I like your writing but do you know how much I envy you? Don’t stop writing – ever!


  3. You are more than kind, Maryellen! I just read another blog, “Rethinking Life”…and the title was “So Okay…” and I wonder…is…”becoming superior to being?” ….I think we just get so overwhelmed…in any case, I do, because of the concept of HAVING TO GET THIS DONE! particles in my life! and I have to continue to “achieve”…the river just is…


  4. AmyRose says:

    Exactly what I just went through for months. HOLY MOLY! You have my full empathy and I send you many (((HUGS))). Don’t make any huge decisions when upset, and remember to BREATHE. And, the good news is, this too shall come to an end. I promise. Love, Amy


    • Thank you, Amy Rose. Not that I want you or anyone to suffer, but there is consolation in knowing that you survived…hope for me! LOL…yes, I will keep breathing and yes, no huge decisions. Life has been very painful since December…I hope it changes soon…I cannot imagine what people live through who experience actual war machinery everyday in their lives. Pain is relative to the individual’s situation…I guess. Thank you for your visits and for stopping by! Your photography is beautiful—love the rose with the water crystals!


      • AmyRose says:

        Johann, my life careened out of control a year ago last February, with nonstop, one hit after another, happening. I too pray for you that yours stops soon, because it got to a point with me, I was waking in the night soaking wet in absolute terror. I stayed focused on the beauty around me, and take my word for it, my passion for photography saved me. I must have taken 7-8 thousand photos since just this past Spring, so when I say my camera saved me, it did. That and my faith. I shall keep you in my prayers, and every time I send out my prayers, you are included. I also thank you for the compliment about my photography. Out of horror and pain, I still was able to create beauty. That is the miracle of my story. Anyone coming to Petals would not have known I was struggling so much behind the scenes. With great big (((HUGS))) Amy


  5. You are a much stronger person than I am, Amy. I am so sorry for all the terror that you experienced…there is a tremendous amount of suffering in this world.I fear that my feelings spill out into my writings…and my sorrows with them. That is WHY sometimes I do not write. Alas…I go to your photographs of the waterfalls for refreshment!


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