Young Sapling

blew in the breeze

as the wind carried its branches

into freedom wind.

The gusts invisible breath was so strong

that Young  Sapling gymnast

touched Mother Earth with a fleeting kiss

springing back into position in a flash!

Not quite sure how it happened or why!

A short distance away

was Grandmother Birch

fifty years its senior

steady and strong as the wind blew.

Outwardly appearing invincible

to the taunt and fury of the wind.

2012. Palmyra, WI., USA Photo credit: J. H. Johann

2012. Palmyra, WI., USA
Photo credit: J. H. Johann


However, inside and  in between were the years:

the happenings…

the choices…

the laughter…

the slam dunks,..

the “how did it happen?” phenomena…

the joys…

the rug pulled out from underneath…

the hurts…

the tears…

the love given…

the affirmations…

the love lost…

the triumphs…

the failures…

the successes…

the love memories

the “get back up” and live some more


that weathered the storm

and broke forth in LIGHT and HOPE

and CHOSE to live!

As the girth of the tree widened

new sprouts came forth!




10 thoughts on “Resilience

  1. Yoshiko says:

    Love the ending lines. No matter how tough, new sprout still manage to breakthrough 🙂




  2. Mary Jane Farrell says:

    Beautiful imagery Jane! Really says it all about our life long journeys of ups and downs and survival. Your writing pays tribute to the “having lived and felt” in sharing through writing. Blessings!


  3. andy1076 says:

    Ever so inspirational your posts 🙂


  4. thank you, Andy…I try…I get very discouraged, myself, and I have to drag my weary heart up and out again! Sometimes my poems are sad—but I guess I feel that is me too—and I hope, that by writing the sadness, it will make us all more aware of what we do and say affects others–and then I attempt to end on a hopeful note—showing that despite what we suffer there is HOPE and LOVE in others and in this world! I think the friends I have found here on WordPress—such as yourself–have given me great strength! Interconnectedness abounds! The comments mean so much! Yours touched my heart, Andy! Thank you!


  5. says:

    beautiful! really enjoyed this!


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