it was just a flower garden

IMAG3572she got up early

and toiled in the soil on the hillside

hoping to pull the weeds

before the hot sun struck her back…

it was just a flower garden

a simple flower garden

into which she tried

–to find meaning

–to give meaning

–to be meaningful

finally she had to leave and rest

and found herself seated on the front doorstep

and all of her life passed her by–

the tears fell one by one–

pounding the cement

with each memory


11 thoughts on “it was just a flower garden

  1. Powerful. When I cry, I’d rather cry among my wildflowers than anywhere else on earth. It’s here I feel the most connected to God and find my way back to that place where my responsibilities wait. Exquisite language.


  2. Yes, I have a plaque in my garden that reads, “the best place to find God is in a garden”…blessings to you, Sheri!


  3. AmyRose says:

    Johann, just this morning I was in tears seeking answers within asking if what I was doing had meaning. Your poem is powerful and it struck HOME with me. Just a very powerful post for me. Thank you. Love, Amy


  4. We are all interconnected…and I guess, we each try to do our best…we give it our all…what else can we do? And, I think because of the uniqueness of YOU, Amy, no one will every do it exactly like YOU! YOU are needed…and YOU and what you do has MEANING because without you it would not happen! Blessings!


  5. Yoshiko says:

    Does she manage to pull the weeds before the hot sun?



  6. This is an elegant, thoughtful work and i like it very much


  7. clarabetty says:

    Just what I have been going thru-it’s as if you literally took a physical and spiritual snapshot of me?


  8. sorry for your teardrops…hopefully, tears of JOY for all the good you have given to so many and for the moments you have been blessed!


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