Ridden With Insecurity

A wonderful new blog I discovered quite by accident, as it had been pushed into my spam folder. Meet Anusha, and her blog of youthful enthusiasm, CARDBOARD EXPRESS! Love the name of her blog!

Please direct ALL comments and praise to Anusha at Cardboard Express:  https://cardboardexpress.wordpress.com/


Maybe it’s just me, but whenever I consider the possibility of performing some substantial feat, I tend to overestimate my abilities rather than underestimate them. As in: Oh that test that’s coming up? I can study for that within two days! or when I’m watching a horror movie: Psh. This group of young protagonists is so stupid. Why not stay together to fight off the killer collectively rather than split themselves up and make them more susceptible to attack? Amateurs. I could do so much better. And then I hear another bump in the night, and my popcorn goes flying.

I found myself in similar circumstances, as in me grossly overestimating my abilities, just a few days ago. See, I live literally two minutes away from a very good friend of mine, and  I usually walk past her house on my frequent walks outside. While I’m tempted to go over and…

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