Nadia…my little doctor

Nadia, my Granddaughter,  who is almost 4 and 1/2  (she likes to think she is “older” and grown-up…so that 1/2 is important) stepped into her medical shoes last evening! After dinner, I went to lie down as my back was in horrible pain. Nadia came in to check on me. She asked where the “doctor stuff” was. We have a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff still in the house from when my Mom came home to  live with us.

Nadia proceeded to the drawer and pulled out the stethoscope and carefully crawled on to the bed to listen to my heart. Her face became clouded, when she announced to me, “Nanny, I can’t hear your heart!”

I responded with equal surprise, and encouraged her by saying, “Perhaps you should go and check your Mom’s and your Aunt Lara’s heartbeats, to see if the stethoscope is working!”  Off she went to the kitchen where they were in conversation.

She returned in a few minutes, announcing to me that their hearts were just fine and the stethoscope was working. So she listened for my heartbeat again.  Then she confidently, and with a bit of caution,  announced, “Nanny, I can only hear your heart a little bit because your heart is tired.  You are tired from the monsters in your back.”

Then she listened to my legs. “Nanny, you have Princesses in your legs!”

Then she listened to my arms, “Nanny, you have ants in your arms!”

Then she said, “I have to go into the kitchen.”

Eventually she returned with a drawing that she had made for me several days ago and that was hanging on the proverbial refrigerator bulletin board.  “Nanny,” spoke Nadia with intense eyes and orders for me, “You must keep this picture on your tummy ALL night, so that the monsters come out of your body, up and through this picture and go out the window! Then be careful and do not step on these monsters again when you go outside! The monsters in your back will go away!”

She also told me that the Princesses would battle with the monsters in my back and that the ants were the soldiers fighting for me as well!

What she didn’t say, but was said through her words and actions, was that she loved me.  These love crystals helped relieve me of the monsters! Little Nadia understands life and what we need so much better than all of us!

28 thoughts on “Nadia…my little doctor

  1. Praveena says:

    Beautiful post.Each and every action of her tells that she loves you and cares for you so much and She is so sweet.


  2. tigger0198 says:

    Yes you need a book of all the comments made by your grandkids. They are more than precious!! They care for you so much.


    • and I for them! How blessed I am…when I think of them, my sadness leaves…Children and grandchildren…we are blessed with them in life…we just need to be child-like and simple as we once were…and our joy would return


  3. Awesowe, I love it!


    • Thank you for your many visits to my blog, Paul! Yes, Nadia is so delightful and creates such joy inside of me…I am blessed by the universe with these grandchildren. The sadness that sometimes weighs me down, dissipates with their presence in my life! they remind me of the JOY I should be for others!


  4. What a beautiful post 🙂


  5. Mich Smith says:

    She is a sweet heart!! Love the story.


  6. Beautiful Jane! Children have the amazing possibility to give us exactly what we need sometimes!
    Hugz to you!


  7. Pure, unconditional, shining love. Cherish these moments!


  8. I am blessed with every gesture—you are so correct, Melanie! I write their tender gestures to remind myself and them when they are older what a gift they were to me!


  9. Maxima says:

    Beautiful post . Children are a joy to the world ! With love maxima


  10. Luna Ulric-Taylor says:

    Women are natural Shamins. And little girls remember this without being old, and befor it is shamed out of them by culture and religion. What a beautiful story! You have a wise grand daughter!


  11. What a very thoughtful and caring granddaughter. I love the paining at the top of the post, too. I do hope you’re feeling much better now.


  12. […] –          Jane H. Johann of Johannisthinking – Sorry, got carried away here. If you’re counting, this is number 9, but when you read “Nadia … my little doctor,” I know you’ll agree this is a beautiful, touching post. It made me think of my grandchildren and of my late Grammy. […]


  13. Jane … I nominated this post for Best Moment Award. The rules and my comments are on my blog. Thank you for nominating me for the Sunshine Award.


  14. xbox2121 says:

    You have the ability to tell a story very well. Your Granddaughter appears to be wise beyond beyond her years with her innocence.


    • hello, dear xbox2121, thank you for your kind compliment! Yes, dear little Nadia is so sweet and sensitive…so caring…so delightful! Yes, someone said to me, “Nadia is an old soul.” I guess for those who believe in reincarnation, that makes sense…Nadia certainly sees things that others do not see…She gives me reason to live and to hope! I hope you have a fruitful time with your meditation…Yes, I find it so important to return to my Center…without doing so…I am lost.


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