Little Boxes…from Annie

The Production poster for the original Broadwa...

The Production poster for the original Broadway Production of Annie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dedicated to Annie, my Daughter

Rummaging through the basement

I came upon the trinkets of your love in  delicate concealment

An intricate reminder of  your constant care…

Of course, YOU always have the artistic flare…

Gently placed  within a handsewn piece of pink dainty cloth

Tied with a white ribbon to keep out the moths

Two colors…green and red…colors of Christmas I did find

Led me to my heart and of your love it did remind

Outside the words were written, “Merry Christmas”

So smitten…was written your test of litmus

Of course, I knew…your love was constant

Your way of showing it without resentment

These little boxes, 1 x 2,  appear so often on my shelves

Each one is so unique and placed by my  little elf

In one you drew a picture of me asleep

With the caption”YOUR eyes wide OPEN”…did I weep?

Some things did pass me by

and gave way to many sighs

the care you gave me like a fox

with a tender little box

I treasure each one

for from your heart they did come

and now I see in your children so sweet

the deep love that you hold deep

your love is in their eyes so dear

you have groomed then well it is clear

their sensitivity and charm

comes straight from the heart and they would give their arm

just like YOU

you are ONE on a trillion, blue and true

you love your sister, through and through

no one doubts your love, yeah YOU

your love is beauty–through and through!

you give your heart

right from the start!

Annie, you are love

and a gentle dove!

8 thoughts on “Little Boxes…from Annie

  1. Enigma says:

    Muy bueno.


  2. A mother’s love to her daughter, never more beautifully proclaimed.


  3. thank you, Sheri! You honor both of us! You are so kind! Thank you for your many visits!


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