Thank you for the SHINE-ON AWARD!


Soad from Iraq    nominated me for the Shine On Award
I am honored that she chose me for this award!  Thank you to all those who follow my blog and my faithful visitors! Without your affirmations and comments, I would feel lost in the writing universe! Thank you for giving me a sense of belonging in your hearts and in the world of writers!


The rules for this  award are:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. State 7 things about yourself

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award requirements.

Seven Things About Me:

  1. I grew up in a town with 10 homes and everyone was a cousin to the other! NO kidding! LOL There was also:  a Church; a one-room schoolhouse that I attended for 8 years; two taverns with one that had a small grocery store attached that my grandparents once owned and my Mom lived in for her entire childhood and teenage life; and, there were also two gas stations plus my Dad’s plumbing and  heating business (I so wanted to live on a farm!).
  2. Does the first entry count as two?
  3. No, I never went to Kindergarten because there was not any in our town of 10 homes and one school-house–do you think that it shows? lol
  4. Each evening, when I was a bit older to be out on my own, I would bike to the top of the hill, facing West, and look at the beautiful sunset as it went to sleep over the Kettle Moraine Forest. That was my moment of freedom!
  5. I climbed trees when I was a kid—huge cedar trees that stood 40 feet into the air…the wind would blow freely…and I felt free!
  6. When I was a mere five years old, I walked up to this fenced in area behind a red barn near my home, and this beautiful Holstein cow came over to the fence, stuck out its tongue, and licked my face from the bottom of my chin to the top of my forehead! WOW! To be so loved and I was so stunned!
  7. Behind the shop that was attached to the farmhouse where I lived with my Mom and Dad, Aunt Gerty, and ten brothers and sisters, we younger ones had thrown a plank of wood across a gully fifteen inches deep and boldly proclaimed each evening at the supper table that we had crossed the border into Mexico!

The Shine On Award requires the nomination of 15 other blogs who would in turn post the awards on their sites and nominate 15 bloggers they admire. 

My 15 nominations of creative individuals for The Shine On Award are:-

1. Denise Smyth

Denise…there are no words…for when a Mother grieves the loss of her son…blessings to you and your family

2.  Steven   

Steven is a man of good sense, strong moral courage, and has a heart of gold…as is reflected in his writings!  His strength will give you the will to go on amidst any difficulty!

3. Dace

Dace is an honest writer who definitely writes from her heart and urges us on to be our authentic self!

4. Tersia

Tersia fought for her daughter’s life from day one…Tersia faced the medical community and did not cower under them (…as helpful as they are and try to be…sometimes they too, get absorbed by what they do, and forget these are human beings with feelings and who need hope and understanding and the willingness to believe that their “patients”  will become healthier).  Tersia is a noble Mother Warrior!

5. Clanmother  

I love Clanmother’s beautiful blog with exquisite artwork displayed throughout her blog! Her blog itself is presented in beauty and her writing adorn the blog’s contents!

6. Celestine       

Celestine writes beautiful Haikus and is soon to be published! She also writes excellent reviews of books we should attempt to read!

7. Prenin              

Prenin is a single Mom who has gone to great lengths to protect and raise her son, Daniel. Her voice is authentic in her writing of the struggles that life sent her way. She is     model of bravery and conviction–and an example of the strength of a woman!

8. Musing maven

Musing Maven shares much of herself on her blog…her wonderful positivism…her life with her children…her own childhood…beautiful, touching truths to help us on our journey! Lovely!

9. Wuji                        
Wuji’s poetry enters your heart so easily…captivating and each nuance is felt!

10. Paul Lenzi

Paul’s poetry will always cause you to reflect and think deeply beyond yourself!

11. Elusive Scribe

The Elusive Scribe writes her words of  poetry  with such passion…poignant… to the heart!

12.  White Raven Soars

White Raven Soars is a home for writers…wonderful stories…wonderful insights for writers…a place to begin being a writer…WONDERFUL!


The poetry of free verse on this blog is so serene and romantic…lovely! beautiful…speaks to your heart!

14.  Eshan

Eshan has as the subheading: “A teenager’s journey through spirituality”… thoughts and expressions are so freely expressed! Beautiful beginnings!

15.  Brenda Marroy

The first post that I read on Brenda’s blog blew me away! Powerful words…insightful…healthy…and honesty delving right into your soul!

31 thoughts on “Thank you for the SHINE-ON AWARD!

  1. cobbies69 says:

    certainly picking them up now johann, well deserved.. 😉


    • Oh…it is so touching and so encouraging…that there are real people who “out there” in cyber world find something of meaning in what I write…that it touches them in some way….I feel their praises deeply and with respect…and I honor them for spreading crystals of hope to my being! We all need each other…the writer needs the reader and the reader needs the writer…the honor they give to me, I give to them! Thank you for visiting my blog…for giving me hope in your appearance!


    • well, from my reading, I think ALL WRITERS deserve it on this beautiful WORDPRESS…at least it was beautiful to me until I got home this evening and someone seems to have :hacked” my account…I do not know what to do…I went to Google to access it and sometimes the account looks like I designed it and then the next moment, it disappears on me! I am so frustrated and I noticed that someone is continually going in and changing the EMAIL ADDRESS of the Administrator from mine to someone else and it is always a new person! My account was fine until noon today. This afternoon I went out and when I returned this evening, it was destroyed!


  2. Congratulations, johann. You are certainly finding your rhythm with this.


    • I find it so enriching and inspirational reading the blogs of others! Each blog is so unique and special…and it is so much fun giving a touch of encouragement here and there…I know what these awards have done for me…we are so blessed to have each other in this writing world! Thank you for visiting my blog, and for your comment, Georgette!


  3. congratulations – and thank you for the honor


    • Thank you, Paul, for being such a faithful follower of my blog. The awards have lifted my spirit…and brought me to a new realization of who I am. It also has taught me the “RESPONSE-ability”…how much it means to be affirmed. I take it seriously to go and read as much as I am able–the blogs of those I nominate. I make bold attempts to read blogs I have never read previously. It has always been a warm visit and delight to my heart–the openness that I feel in the writer’s words…their courage, their bravery, their questions…about themselves and humanity. Just so awesome! Thank you again for what you share on your blog! Hope you have as much delight in nominating others as I have had!


  4. Yoshiko says:

    Congratulations, Jane 🙂


  5. Congratz! You deserve many many many more! ❤


    • thank you, Patty…i am overwhelmed with all the praise…I return it to all of you…I have met so many beautiful writers on WordPress…and such a blessing of inspiration in which you and they all write! What a beautiful world we live in!


  6. Congrats to you 🙂 When I was younger i had a sheep sneeze in my face…i imagine its just as grim as a cow-lick *shudder* xB


  7. tersiaburger says:

    Thank you so much!! I am honoured and humbled by your words and this award. Lots of love and hugs xxx


  8. seeker says:

    Congratulations. Great sites you have nominated.


  9. Jane, thanks so much! Wow! I’ve only been at this blogging thang for 3 months and being nominated for Shine On is an honor (and freakin’ awesome!!! woo! hoo!). I love your blog and am honored that you found me. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and feel that we have an amazing cyber-connection. Congrats again on your recognition! Keep giving us wonderful things to read and ponder!


    • I have been thinking of you…and of your son…I was a teacher for 36 years….I think YOU should demand more of the school…your son has suffered greatly…my heart is with him…and you…do NOT take “we are doing all we can” as an answer…that is BS….and I do not swear often!


  10. thank you! I feel your writings are so powerful! Has this WordPress format changed for you or did I push an incorrect button? This is really upsetting me. I did not know that it was going to be changed. I preferred the former format. But I think I must have been hacked…because I looked at the Administrator’s information on my blog and there were TWO DIFFERENT EMAILS listed as the owners of my blog! It is so very upsetting to me! Have you experienced the same?


  11. Congratulations for the award, ma’am. You do shine with your words for they are very comforting and thought provoking as well. Thank you for nominating me as well. I didn’t expect that. 🙂 Much love to you and I hope you will always find something enjoyable to read in my blog.


  12. Congratulations. This is a beautiful presentation.


    • Thank you, Sheri! WordPress is so amazing…I feel like I have a new home to live in! Your writing and the writings of all I have encountered are so amazing! What a beautiful Mother Earth we have with so many beautiful and good people! I think if this site were the daily news, we would all be better inspired!


    • Thank you, Sheri! I am so impressed with all that people have written! So much beauty in their writing! Wish so that this would be our daily news on TV!


  13. Mich Smith says:

    Congratulations. Just love what you wrote!!


  14. Congratulations my dear friend. More are on the way coming. And you honour me so much with your lovely words and beautiful awards;. Thank you my dear friend. 🙂


  15. Sharmishtha says:

    I am absolutely jealous of you! I wish I was born there, with you, in your town, in your time!


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