The “how-to’s” of WordPress Awards

Someone asked me, “How do I go about accepting a WordPress Award? I do not understand how to do it. And how do you transfer the AWARD IMAGE on to your blog?”

This blog posting is an attempt to respond to those questions. I am only suggesting what it is that I do. I am sure there are other ways to respond and probably short-cuts for transferring the image, that I have yet to discover.

I have noticed that some people prefer to keep their blogs, “Award-free.”  And I do try to respect that when I notice a posting of that nature on someone’s blog.

I also know, that when I first began on WordPress, I was wondering “IF” I should be a blogger and I was quite shy about writing and placing my thoughts out there for the world to see.  For me, personally, the Awards, built my self-confidence as a writer and it also gave me the opportunity to express my gratitude to others and the inspirations their words, photos and drawings brought to me.

I feel the writers, poets, artists of all mediums, have enriched my life! I would never have met so many wonderful people and friends, had it not been for the WordPress forum.  Blogging gave me a doorway out into the world–because, for several personal reasons, I am quite isolated, and so WordPress was my way to travel out and the traveling gave me life and hope to go on!

How-To-Transfer the AWARD IMAGE

1. Usually the person giving you the Award, will have the Award on their site to present.   Go to THEIR site, if they have not posted it on your blog, find the AWARD IMAGE and CLICK directly on the Image.   After you CLICK, the internet will take you to a NEW Page and only the IMAGE will be on that page.

2. Once you have clicked on the Award Image, go up to the Search Bar at the top of your screen, and COPY the address.

3. Go to your Dashboard, and to APPEARANCE…then WIDGETS. This will take you to another page. Then click  IMAGE…and slide the ‘IMAGE BOX’ over to the right-hand side of  your page as you are looking at it. 

4.Write the TITLE of your award in the appropriate slot, entitled WIDGET TITLE:    Example: “The Lighthouse Award.”

5. Now the Information that you copied from the Search Bar, should be pasted into the Image Form in TWO places. If you fail to do both places, it will NOT show on your blog.  Paste the IMAGE in the (1)IMAGE URL slot and the (2)LINK URL slot.

NOW the FUN PART — Following the RULES of Acceptance of the Award

1. First, acknowledge your acceptance  and gratitude for the award to the person who gave it to you.  You  do this by going to the blog of the person who sent you the award—I usually post the acceptance in the ABOUT page. 

2. The person who sent you the award will tell you what you need to do next. Simply, follow the steps by posting your acceptance of the award and following the stated rules on a page of your blog.

3. Almost always you are asked to nominate OTHER BLOGGERS.  TWO STEPS:  (1)  What you do in this instance, is List the Author’s Name (if you know it) and the Title of their BLOG and WHY you are nominating them.  (2)You also must inform that blogger that you are giving them an award.

I think that is all there is to accepting the AWARDS!  If I have forgotten anything, please comment and let me add it!  I hope this helps.  I had the same questions when I accepted by first award.  We are all beginners at one point or another!  🙂



20 thoughts on “The “how-to’s” of WordPress Awards

  1. Tanveer Rauf……I hope this helps!


  2. Tanveer Rauf says:

    Thank you so much for taking so pains to explain dear Jane. I HAVE TO READ IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN TO UNDERSTAND AND FOLLOW. i am sure this write up will help so many other blogger friends. Thank you again.God bless you 🙂


  3. I have mixed feelings about awards. My first “award” received prompt attention. New to blogging, elated to be recognized – I dutifully followed rules of nomination. Equally surprised by the next few, I obliged – giving considerable thought to my nominees and shout outs. Long story short – these days I’m no less grateful to be recognized. That said, I admit I haven’t followed through past thanking the person nominating my blog.I don’t like answering/posing questions and would be a lot happier to simply accept and nominate – no strings attached.

    I haven’t put any award “badges” on my post – to be honest I’ve lost track of how many there are. I would welcome them in a completely new light if the question/answer period evaporated. Blogging has enriched my life, expanded horizons and cemented friendships.I Valued connections have started from listed nominees – the intent is bang on, the process, unnecessary.

    Recognition shouldn’t demand a series of hoops to jump through.:)


    • LOL…yeah…always “strings attached”–even to WordPress awards! LOL To each their own, right? I say, accept, receive, delete to what you choose to allow into your life. For me, personally, I began well with the awards—I was elated—and, I have missed responding to a few since, and, in fact, just catching up on one from six months ago! LOL WHAT really attracted me to the awards, is that it encouraged me to READ OTHERs’ BLOGS and I grew in appreciation of the writing of other bloggers. A WORLD was opened to me! Perhaps I would have gone there eventually, but the process moved me out and about. You may not believe this, but I have been on WordPress since Oct.2011, and I only RECENTLY discovered what the READER was! I try to comment when I read someone’s work—so that is how I began my appreciation of other bloggers…and, as I have said, because of the Dreaded RULES of the awards! So good came with the rules! LOL 🙂 BLESSINGS to you!


      • Darn rules:) I make a point of reading Freshly Pressed and all bloggers included on nomination lists. I don’t have time to do much more than that. Without nudges like those, I doubt my WordPress experience would have become so fulfilling 🙂


  4. alexraphael says:

    What a helpful post


  5. writersideup says:

    I have to tell you, I’m not big on awards, generally speaking. I see regular commenting as the reward because someone is giving of their time to do so which means they think what you’re doing is worth their time and comment.


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