Aboriginal women, girls targets for human trafficking, says new report

Women are HUMAN BEINGS, equal to MEN! This is just one more example of the world view that women can be used as sex products. It is alarming that an added injustice is that because the WOMEN are NOT white—it seems to concern the government of Canada even less. Much like the USA, people who are African American are falsely incarcerated and treated badly because of their race. The Native American in the USA is not treated any better! We have a LONG way to go to racial equality and equality among men and women! Please direct your likes and comments to this blog: Warrior Publications.

Warrior Publications

CP train blocked in Toronto, March 12, 2014. CP train blocked in Toronto, March 12, 2014.

Trafficking report found a deep distrust of the police among many aboriginal women and girls

By Steve Rennie, The Canadian Press, Sept 19, 2014

Aboriginal women and girls are easy prey for human traffickers because they are more likely to suffer from poverty, drug addictions and mental-health problems, says a newly disclosed report.

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