enter the Sacred Space

Spring Lake, Alberta, Canada Photo Credit:  Jane H. Johann, Fall, 2013

Spring Lake, Alberta, Canada
Photo Credit:
Jane H. Johann, Fall, 2013


your heart is broken

no words spoken

nothing more to say

nothing to make you stay


the pain is intense

no recompense

feeling the pain

release again


honor your inner self

do not keep your love on the shelf

honor the sacred space within

silence the backspin din


find the pieces one by one

find your heart…seek the inner Sun

focus on all that is good and true

quietly receive the crystal dew

“forgive me” moments

Jasper Rocky Mountains

“Light Breaking in Jasper” October, 2013 Oil Painting by Jane H. Johann

forgive me

forgive me for doubting you

forgive me for doubting your WORD

Your WORD is YOU

Your WORD is true

It is the essence of all that you are

“In the Beginning was the WORD

and the WORD was with GOD

and the WORD was GOD”

You were being the Love of God to me

You were the LIGHT BEING

and I extinguished it

and now I regret it…

it is hard to recognize the truth

when countless times

the shadows took over

forgive me

and love me…

once again

A Valiant Womyn

 Dedicated to all those who are homeless

…who have no voice to speak for them

…who have no one to comfort them

…who have no one to hold them

…who have no one to let them know they are human beings

…who have no one


“But if you know him only as the shadow, the tale is dimly lit”  —  Saepuddin

Source: Bing Free Photos

Source: Bing Free Photos

she is sitting there by the curb

shopping cart nearby

filled with all that remains

of her  yesteryear’s joy


many life’s moments have passed

once she was a mother of four

holding the children close

all their giggles she did adore


then life came along

and one by one all her joys were gone

one died at such a young age

two became wrapped in their careers’ dawn


the fourth was lost; she knew not where

her husband long disappeared

she had worked more than her share

still…neighbors persistently sneered


many offered their advice along the way

the church goers, the social workers held out a crutch

admonishments and simple solutions

doing their weekly tithes and such


what happens when moment after moment

disillusionment sets in, no smile to return your grin

no one to respond to your hello

even crazy people like to be invited in


moments passed, moments done, day in, day out,

left alone, wrapped in her tears

till all at once they were no more

sensibility left, as did all her fears


she walks in the sunshine

having forgotten the rules

breathed in the air

nature dressed in her jewels






Lenzi on Self-Publishing

If you desire to publish, Paul has done the ground work and has provided some very good steps to follow! Thank you, Paul!

Poesy plus Polemics

Illustration from derekhaines.ch Illustration from

A couple of my followers have inquired about my methods of self-publishing, so I thought I’d offer some information here for anyone’s interest. Please note, however, that I have no special knowledge or expertise beyond my own recent and still unfolding experience.

When I retired 10 years ago, I started writing poetry with some regularity. There came a point when I had lots of poems and wanted to attempt their publication, beyond my own blog. After forays into the frustratingly slow submission and declination routine, regarding the major conventional publishers, I ran out of patience and decided to try self-publishing.

Last year, I explored numerous indie and corporate platforms, including Lulu and Smashwords. I found the mere process of investigating these resources rather daunting, because there is a plethora of different services, costs, hooks and terms. So, too, appeared to be their varying rates of success and…

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living with grace


These lines of verse are dedicated to Bette, my dear friend, who lives with such grace!

Photo Credit:  Jane H. Johann Summer, 2011 Pine Drive, Palmyra, WI, USA

Photo Credit:
Jane H. Johann
Summer, 2011
Pine Drive, Palmyra, WI, USA

the Tiger Swallowtail winging gracefully into the daylight

joy springing as the wind carries it past the dawn

delicately lighting on the milkweed plant at the end of its flight

taking in the life-giving drink of the gods

living in harmony… one giving freely to the other

perpetuating the cycle of creation applauds


“finding one’s way”

"Delicate Growth" Photo Credit:  Jane H. Johann August, 2013

“Delicate Growth”
Photo Credit:
Jane H. Johann
August, 2013


CHILD, come out into the light

no need to walk the rope so tight

no need to cower in the shame

you were not the one to blame


all that happened to you is gone from sight

dispel the fear out into the night

choose the life before you now

we love you still and before you bow


for deep within no seed of strife

for deep within is the Quiet of Life

you are safe now, you can begin

from this moment on, raise your chin


'Flower in Full Bloom' PHOTO CREDIT; Judy Mayer, August, 2013

‘Flower in Full Bloom’
Judy Mayer,
August, 2013