we run from the womb into light

we run and play into the night

we seek the butterfly as it is carried by the wind

we seek forgiveness when we have sinned

we hope for friendship and love each day

NGC 602

NGC 602 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

we hope we can be all that we say

we believe that our longing will find the jewel

we believe that there is an answer for more than a few

we live within the heart of God

we live within and find ourselves awed

we become as one as we  grow in love

we become at peace like the dove


17 thoughts on “Perseverance

  1. Praveena says:

    Beautiful poem 🙂


  2. cobbies69 says:

    heart warming. 😉


  3. galan12 says:

    beautiful words,, love them. 😉


  4. xbox2121 says:

    How is tour house remodeling coming along?


  5. lgyslaine says:

    Beautiful poem Jane. I like a lot when you write ( we grow in love) It is so true! Have a good day 🙂


  6. As always, your words are wonderfully crafted!


  7. Masterful combination of music and words. I haven’t played Kenny G in a long time – thanks for the reminder for me to add him to several playlists.


  8. thank you, Sherri! I owe you a letter…it is coming soon!


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