for the most gentle of all souls…Susan McIntyre…Hummingbird

Remembering a kind and gentle person who  welcomed everyone.

Sue saw no human barriers–she did not flinch from those who were downtrodden or with the last dollar in their pocket.  She would treat each person as a gift from God.  She gave of her heart completely. Sue has left us far too soon.

February 9, 1949 – November 9, 2012


Sue McIntyre

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue  Indigo Violet

colors lightly dancing  through her life

to the beat of the native drum

quick to help, to solve, to offer

to all that to her would come

a keen eye for justice

an open hand she always shared

her love for everyone

…no one  she ever spared

her smile was effervescent…

a gentleness too kind for this world…

possessing a heart so soft

perhaps too caring for the cruelty sometimes hurled

Hummingbird would harken

if a poor homeless person a conversation needed

listening to her or his story

to human openness she heeded

perhaps she gave too much

some would say that she did

perhaps she needed more than we could give

so who is the lesser now that only we do live

perhaps she meant to tell us

to always love and forgive

perhaps that is the difference between saint and sinner

the ones who hold back and the ones who share their dinner

quickly her smile would be on her face…

a little giggle that was all her own

as she would run her fingers through her hair

like a finely grooming comb

akin to the hummingbird she was

quick-paced, flight to and fro

always seeking new ways

to love, to laugh, to grow

her red truck was a symbol

her bold determination

proudly proclaiming  her stance

not fearing condemnation

more guts than most of us

a lesbian she was…a woman proud

she did not hide her truth

behind an ominous cloud

                                                                            her blazing red truck

had every equality banner it could bear

the prism of rainbow color

was her badge of flare

she accepted herself as she was

it took courage to be “out”

she accepted her womanhood

it took courage amid the hateful shouts

she opened up the world to many

took no flight from the fight

she stood for honesty and truth

and for everyone their rights

her camera’s inner eye

felt the subtleties of life

the red barn on the hillside

the hummingbird’s fife

the curious little kitten

who braved the crack in the fence

the abandoned truck in the field

the barn silo guarding it intense

the turtles crossing unforgiven

the log of life, moment by moment, one by one

the seagull with its own reflection

in the blue ocean woven, its solo song sung

the rising of the sun

so gold and strong

the setting of the night

to her alone belonged

she endured

the rejection from her own

…she continued

  looking for a home

yet in her darkest moment

she was alone

she forgot we were there

she did not reach for the phone

what shielded you from that love of ours

what dark force took hold of you those final hours

now I am left here

with remorse of what I could have should have done

now I am left here with a heart so broken, many  words unspoken

 run and find her so she would not feel shunned

Hummingbird was her chosen name…

her mind was as quick as its wings

her heart so genuine and true…

now her spirit sings

once her heart was close to mine

…once I held her to myself

and now she left for the great beyond

and my love sits on the shelf

Sue was who she was

who knew how delicate she was inside

she made no apologies

who understood the fears that did abide

who took the time to be by her side

perhaps her honesty was too much

a threat to reality for the rest of us

afraid to go beyond the human touch

why are we  so slow to love?

now I feel her loneliness and pain..

why couldn’t we give her what she needed?

but I will never see her face again

the tears cascade

pain wrenches my heart

…for you i want to race…

oh my God, oh why, did we have to part

the rising of the sun

so strong

the setting of the night

with her there was no wrong

LOVE you have taken her home to yourself

with YOU she is at peace in the great above

we remain here on Earth

to continue with her love


we remain here to be the Hummingbird to others

we can only honor her by becoming …

…more open

…more receiving

…more listening

…more mindful

of how we affect one another

you ask us to be ready to be there… for someone might need us

Sue, you are now with God…basking in Her LOVE

I know light and peace surround you…

help us here on Earth to be the LIGHT you were to many

I miss you

and my heart grieves at your absence…

it is your birthday today…and today i found that you left us

so we celebrate you…we honor you…

help us to be as good to others as you always were…

goodbye my dear friend…adieu

I will seek you out in the morning dew…

your Spirit I pray shall make me new


9 thoughts on “for the most gentle of all souls…Susan McIntyre…Hummingbird

  1. Mich Smith says:

    Jane, this is a beautiful tribute to Sue. I can feel your sorrow and pain sweet heart. I am sure that now she is in peace.


  2. tigger0198 says:

    Jane, what a wonderful tribute to Sue. You are so wonderful with just the right words.


  3. says:

    Jane….how beautiful…you are the light shining on for Sue


  4. Janet Rubeck says:

    Wow Jane.. images flowed through my mind as I read your heartfelt tribute. Beautiful…. just beautiful.


  5. tersiaburger says:

    What a beautiful tribute. I am so sorry for your loss.


  6. Nancy says:

    What a Gentle Soul she was. She was blessed knowing you. Have a Great Day. I was in Insurance School and other things going on. Sorry I am delayed in all. Ah you had not played in a while so assumed your were done. So I deleted the games. Sorry. Have a great rest of the week.


  7. Gale Kaye says:

    Your love your gentleness speaks in every word. Thank you for introducing her to me. I remember her without ever meeting


  8. […] for the most gentle of all souls…Susan McIntyre…Hummingbird ( […]


  9. I found the following words that a friend wrote to me regarding this piece of writing so helpful:
    Have just read – and re-read – “Sue’s Suicide”.
    Sadness indeed, but we cannot accept responsibility OR credit for other lives, regrets OR happinesses. Nor can we live in the shadow of other’s lives and regrets. Oh, would it be – that we could snap our fingers and make it right – much like a Spider Man bandaid!
    Be kind to yourself, my new friend….or as your Bubble Piece strongly suggests: LIVE LOVE….yourself!
    Stay the course, Janie!


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