the romance of the leaves

Lady from Russia, 2011 Photo Credit: Judy Mayer

Lady from Russia, 2011
Photo Credit: Judy Mayer

At first I was saddened by the thought

that scientific discovery made known the fact that the leaves did not change their color in the Fall

that the colors that appear  were there all the time…

the romance of the metamorphosis was taken from me…

the fact was  that the chlorophyll — the energy producing catalyst for the photosynthesis — was being consumed–

and as it was used to give life to the tree—the greenness lessened  in the leaf…

then my thoughts turned inward

and I realized that the concept was not as tragic as it seemed…

the lesson taught me the leaf was much like we humans…

deep beauty lies within each of us…

radiance and truth are at the very core of our being…

a hint of it so evident in the purity of the child

the delight and wonder we see in their eyes…

then as we drink in  life

we struggle for our individuality

while at the same time attempting to blend in with others…

we are green with freshness

we are green with growth

we are green with ideas

then as we age and mature

our greenness…our naivety of life…

transforms into a  beautiful palette of color

…thus when I see the old woman before me…

I do not see death…I see depth

I see the beauty in each wrinkle

I see wonder in the deepness of her eyes

I feel the gentleness of her spirit

I feel she has discovered her true beauty

and it is revealed to us

3 thoughts on “the romance of the leaves

  1. tigger0198 says:

    I really like this one Jane.


  2. Mich Smith says:

    We are in our automnale days, very colorful!! You’re getting better and better!!


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