watercolor tears

Massive Kingman Blue turquoise in matrix with ... Massive Kingman Blue turquoise in matrix with quartz from Mineral Park, Arizona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

turquoise  white paper lifts my spirits

forcing me to break into smile

as thoughts of you go on for miles and miles

how lovely the moments…burgundy time

when we text and message so sublime

alas…the opaqueness of the day

lends me no comfort as you have gone away

feelings unsaid…my heart broken… words unspoken

i struggle to find a way to dispel the sorrow

of you not in my tomorrow

all was light…yellow orange fun…beginning so well

how did the love get swallowed by dark ocean swell

how can i smile with watercolor tears in my eyes

pastel loss continues to arise

my body feels black, grey and torn

for your absence is what i mourn

2 thoughts on “watercolor tears

  1. Mich Smith says:

    Wonderful and colorful !!


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