Peach Pie, Peru and You

a day filled with rapture

peach pie was the capture

English: Peach-Frangipane Tart.

English: Peach-Frangipane Tart. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

where to travel next

Peru — the chosen quest

Peru , Cusco

Peru , Cusco (Photo credit: Ianz)

what better way to spend the day

peach pie, Peru, and you…we play

love is something…isn’t it so

simple things in the pie dough

love is something…what a breeze

Peru we find you as our midnight tease

2 thoughts on “Peach Pie, Peru and You

  1. glkaye2013 says:

    You make me laugh.


    • Yes, it made me laugh too! “Peace Pie”…LOL…I couldn’t figure out WHY you sent me a response saying SHALOM…but then I thought, oh well, eating “peach pie” could bring out about “peace”…..maybe I should have left the title—it made it more funny and deeper! and it certainly drew attention! LOL


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