Giving Thanks

this is a beautiful post of a mother to her son…so beautiful…many will be blessed with these words…

Wildflower Women

It is Father’s Day once again, and in homage to my own father whom I had the good fortune to recently visit with my 21-year-old son in tow, I want to take this time to write something about this ‘holiday’ which may in fact be more Hallmark than anything.  Nevertheless, it is a  recognized holiday and one that is difficult for many children who do not have a father to honor.  I wrote something last year, and my heart is again being called to honor my son who does not have a father.

Son, you are so brave and strong and I admire you for those qualities.  While you can be tough on those around you, you are always seeking balance and easily see the middle way.  Your ability to apologize for your missteps is beyond a gift and my hope is that you recognize how truly exceptional you are…

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