early morning light

early morning light

tenderly comes into our day

softly encouraging us

to welcome our stay


sunshine,morning,sunny (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

whimsically entering

Mother Earth’s  realm

touching flowers and grass

daintily taking the helm

14 thoughts on “early morning light

  1. I am totally amazed! I did it –this young 63 year old conquered technology! I embedded my first video into this blog! WOW–I was afraid to try it–but then I did it! WOW!


  2. Also…some of you have not yet manually linked your Gravatar to your blog site…so I cannot visit you when you visit me! Please help me!


  3. Beautiful Jane! And I am so glad I saw this post of you. I was actually a bit worried when you didn’t emailed me back. I am so glad you are alright! Lots of love and hugz.


  4. I love your writings, such a gift to the world! Sorry to have been a little absent in my comments and likes lately, I have been in the woods at our cabin with very little Internet access. Home again soon after a little more than a month. Keep shining your light!


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