the Quiet of God’s Love


Fir (Photo credit: mickydelfavero)

“to BE…for this Yahweh created all”   Wisdom 1:14

sitting under the fir tree

in the quiet of the snow

you feel the cool breeze

softly the winds blow

its quiet message

travels to your heart

forget the human scrimmage

of God’s LOVE you are a part

you are breathing love

and that is ALL that matters

crystallize the dove

and join the peaceful drummers

12 thoughts on “the Quiet of God’s Love

  1. elaine miklos says:

    Yes Hurray!

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  2. elaine miklos says:

    You Are Love Jane and always will be

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  3. elaine miklos says:

    Beautiful Poem as only you could write it!

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  4. Jane, I believe it’s God’s love for us that allows us to love others. You’ve expressed this thought beautifully.


  5. Miss Lou says:

    So beautiful and comforting, Jane.

    Whenever experiencing trials and pain we can stop trying so hard to manage it all on our own and hand it over to God. It is through his strength that we find true comfort and peace.

    For God can bring great good out of all things,

    Thank you for sharing!



    • thank you, Miss Lou, for your follow and visit! Yes…taking time to return to our Center in the Heart of God…it is the only way I can find peace…I find comfort in the line from Kahlil Gibran, “It is not that God lives in my heart, but rather, I live in the Heart of God!” I was on your site filling out your questionnaire, when I hit the incorrect key…back to start! LOL


      • Miss Lou says:

        You are welcome – Love your posts, seem to be full of positive messages and we can never have too much God in our lives!

        Oh Noes @ back to the start! I do that ALL the time, and it’s quite frustrating!! Lol

        Can’t wait to read what you have to share!

        Miss Lou


  6. Pete says:

    Each day when I walk out my cabin door no mater where I look I can see a world touched by the hand of God. How fortunate I am but those that see his handy-work and live in the teeming cities..they are truly blessed.


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