Valiant Woman


"Berries to Flowers; Birth to Life" Photo Credit:  n. h. bourne, 2014

“Berries to Flowers; Birth to Life”
Photo Credit: n. h. bourne, 2014

Dedicated to n. h. bourne


she speaks her truth with strength

selective of her words, drawing from her resilient bank

affirming in her speech

with the words she does bequeath

Mother Nature and she are friends

as the gardens she does attend

the silent one who supports so many with the essence

gifting them with an offering of her timely presence

–in this crazy world of ours, giving of time in a span of hours

is not something most will readily shower–

strong in her convictions, speaking them gentle but clear

humanity and Mother Earth she does hold dear

no matter what obstacle comes her way

independently she shoulders it without dismay

the gentle persuasion of this feminine mystique

delivered by her — ever so discreet–

when leaving her, one departs with assurance

that hope, faith and love are a natural cadence





7 thoughts on “Valiant Woman

  1. AmyRose says:

    Thank you, Johann. Beautiful image, powerful words. Love, Amy


  2. Yoshiko says:

    Indeed, Jane, words need to be selective


  3. Hikari Yori says:

    Hmm 🙂 selective words


  4. Maryellen Churnick says:

    This is really quite wonderful, Jane.


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