Oh, Little Butterfly

Miss Betty displays such deep emotion and imagery in this poem–her voice comes out so strongly! Please direct your likes and comments back to her site! I know she will be pleased to hear from you! http://clarabetty.wordpress.com/2013/05/03/oh-little-butterfly/


Original phot of Butterfly on Azaela BushO h,   L i t t l e   B u t t e r f l y –
w h e r e   w i l l   y o u   f l y   t o d a y?
S o   f r e s h   f r o m   t h e  c o c o o n.

Y o u r   u n t r i e d   w i n g s
u n f u r l e d   a g a i n s t
t h e  b e c k o n i n g   s k y.

Y o u r   c o n q u e r i n g   o f
t h e   b l u e   h e i g h t s
l i k e   h e a d y   w i n e

S o   u…

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