Youthful Enthusiasm

Each Spring, the inevitable “lake” forms  in the center of my driveway, as time has passed, wear and tear have caused the foundation to sink into the ground.  I do not have the means to repair the driveway, and each year I wonder  if I will be able to take the car out of the garage and navigate across the lake without submerging my vehicle.

This year my concerns regarding the lake shifted to my grandchildren, who have to leave the school bus on the road opposite my driveway, and somehow, circumnavigate the lake, with only a muddy lawn as an alternate route.

Pondering this dilemma, I remarked to Ayden, my “almost 8”  year old grandson, “Ayden, what are you going to do when you get off the bus tomorrow and see that huge lake in our driveway!?”  For me, it was more an expression of exasperation than a question.

He replied enthusiastically, “Look out puddle, here I come!”              IMAG5112 (1)

8 thoughts on “Youthful Enthusiasm

  1. Clanmother says:

    Oh the absolute joy of youth. A reminder that perception is a powerful force in our lives. May we remember how it felt to be young and jump in puddles. You have wonderful grandchildren. ❤

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  2. Rebecca, I am so BLESSED! Yes, to remember the joy of Spring puddles and walking in the warm raindrops!


  3. Eliza Waters says:

    So funny! Out of the mouths of babes come great lessons on life. 🙂
    We used to lay down boards to walk over the mud until things dried out. Do you have any spare lumber?


  4. It has dried out now…but boards is a good idea! 🙂 Yes–loved Ayden’s response!


  5. Nancy Lennartz says:

    Hi Jane, Thanks for all your writings. Work is keeping me darn busy and turning 65 going on 66 is quite the feat in itself. I think of you Always. Love You Nancy


    • Hi Nancy! Thank you for your kind words! You make my day whenever I see that you have read something I have written…can’t be a writer without a reader! LOL Yes, going on with aging…never a dull moment. I think of YOU often as well! Some day we may meet! Love you, girl! Imagine—we have known each other since grade school!


  6. That’s the spirit! 🙂


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