Published Anthology: SLICES of LIFE


My FIRST official publication!  And I owe it to the heart of my granddaughter, Nadia Jane Krenn, who inspired me to write it!

I also want to express my gratitude to Sheri de Grom, who suggested that I send a story to Russell Towne. I never would have been included had it not been for her encouragement and persistence urging me to submit a story.  Thank you, Sheri!

Sheri has her own very wonderful, informative blog: I know some of you are already familiar with her superb writing!

Any royalties I receive from the sale of the book, I am going to put into a college fund for Nadia and her brother, Ayden.  So far I have earned the sum of  $4.83 in royalties for our story. :).  However, since I wrote this sentence several days ago, I will no longer receive any royalties. Fame is so fleeting! This weekend, the gentleman who put the did the compilation of stories and grunt work, no longer sees it as a lucrative book, and requested that we free him from the responsibility of sending us any future royalties.

However, I had to pay a $35 to have it considered for publication and then I bought 10 copies from Amazon after it was published for $ 84.50….so I have personally spent $119.50 to have one and a half page story published.  LOL  🙂   SO perhaps I should have invested the $119.50 in stock?

Now I have to ask myself. was it worth it?

I will respond with a enthusiastic, “Yes!”   “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity!”  🙂  I now have a clear understanding of Vanity Press. 🙂



I submitted six stories, and ONE story was selected for inclusion in the book, SLICES of LIFE, an anthology complied by Russell Towne (Author, Compiler) and Sandy Lardinois (Editor, Contributor).   It can be purchased on for $8.96, if you feel so inclined. Thank you!

The authors of the stories in this anthology are:   Russ Towne; Sandy Lardinois; Gail M. Nelson, Sheri de Grom; Mimi Krumholz; Pozanghera, Marie; Yvonne Deane; Koji D. Kanemoto; Teresa Karlinski; Pamela Read; Marie Lukaski Wallace; Bill Webb;               Jane Johann; Kimberly Laettner; E.H. Landell; Sherri Matthews; Diane Rawn.


“From heart-warming memories of childhood, to humorous perspectives on aging, inspiring stories of survival against nearly insurmountable challenges, to hilariously disastrous social encounters, this non-fiction anthology has it all! Features thirty-two stories exploring the challenges, triumphs, and humor of life as seen through the eyes and experienced in the hearts of fifteen writers.”