au cœur de l’amour…the heart of love

Rio Celeste (sky blue water)

Rio Celeste (sky blue water) (Photo credit: Steve Corey)

enchantment meets you

at the glance

her every word deep

meditating trance

your breath awaits

more food for air

dancing beautifully

lovingly with care

the mystery weaves

in and out

dreams running

there is no doubt

until…the thorn

does appear

piercing deeply

leaving fear

courage needs

to take the lead


is the only plead

unchained wild

passionate free

resist the urge

to run and flee

for if you stay

you will find

the love to reap

so sublime

Mermaid of the Salish Sea

Seaside at Porto Covo, Portugal. Français : La...

Seaside at Porto Covo, Portugal. Français : La côte de Porto Covo, au Portugal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dedicated to…

 Mary Lois Alford

Love carries the heart to places it should not go

Deep within the recesses of the waves

Perspicacious judgment leaves the moment

Longing for the want as the water moves to and fro


Who is this woman

who captivates the heart?


Salient dreams nourish the gentle graciousness…


As the coy smile appears on her lips…


Demeanor revealing  the finer art!

The plaintive cry of the Salish Sea…

Woman so strong…mesmerizing…calling

Yet deftly refraining…beckoning me onward…

Quietly drifting over the stream to me