between now…and the next time

English: from the NOAA photolibrary. http://ww...

English: from the NOAA photolibrary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

between now…

and the next time…

life continues on

with anticipating rhyme

between n


and the next time…

ideas bombarding one another

will you still be mine?

between now…

and the next time…

lightning strikes

amid the sublime

* * * * * *

© 2012 Jane H. Johann and
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4 thoughts on “between now…and the next time

  1. clarabetty says:

    Beautiful, sublime, anticipatory, poetic look at time! They just keep getting better.


  2. Mary Lois Alford says:

    I like the lightening striking “amid the sublime”. It echos the uncertainty expressed in the question “Will you still be mine?” The lightening within the sublime may be seen as an awesome phenonemon meaning “yes” or may be seen as jarring, meaning “no”. Great poem!


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