whispers heard

(photo credit: Jane Johann)

through the silence is heard–

 w h i s p e r s…please

milkweed  w h i s p e r s  aloft in the breeze

love  w h i s p e r s…breath abating…

w  h i s p e r  invites your partaking

speaking  w h i s p e r s   through dispersed fallen leaves

w h i s p e r s like delicate snowflakes caressing the trees

w h i s p e r s in each breath of air nursed

singing w h i s p e r s   with each teardrop unrehearsed…

w h i s p e r s  penetrate the chambers of the heart

w h i s p e r s  intense blood-letting from the start

w h i s p e r s  cascading like dancing stars

softly, deeply, w h i s p e r i n g  walks with love’s falling star

w h i s p e r s  whispering love from afar

4 thoughts on “whispers heard

  1. Mich Smith says:

    Love your poem, and well chosen photo to go with it


  2. Sandra says:

    That is so beautiful Jane. You should put together a small book of poetry


  3. Gale Kaye says:

    Yes, definitely a book of poems


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