delightful you…Elaine

Birch bark

Birch bark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

unexpectedly you arrived

drawing me out of myself

to the far reaches of the mountain peaks

to the very tip of the purple clad  birchbark  twigs

removing layers of self-doubt, peeling away like the paper of the tree

your reaffirming gentle being drove me into the depth of my being

teeteering on the precipice of love

ocean tossed  waves cresting upon the shore

dancing delightfully in your charm

your every word brought new light into my inner sanctuary

burning burgundy red sunset deep

i hungered for more

ethereal YOU

10 thoughts on “delightful you…Elaine

  1. Mich Smith says:

    I wish I could talk to my lover like this!! Love it Jane


  2. I am so pleased at your response, Mich! thank you so much! You are a faithful reader and your words push me onward! thank you! Merci beaucoup!


  3. Jane–this is one of the best and most moving pieces you have ever written!!


  4. gale kaye says:

    Oh Jane that is just so beautiful! Thank you…”burning burgundy red sunset deep” …you got my color attention…I’m just smiling and tingly with delight…every line is a joy…oh my goodness you are good….wow…thank you for such beauty. I am honored and humbled…The picture is beautiful… like you


  5. gale kaye says:

    I go back and read your poem again and again and smile.

    Every time I read it, its beauty grows, the words open to let me see more more of you more of me


  6. gale kaye says:

    I read your soft words yet again…sigh… now I’m crying with release, with joy, with Celebration of You


  7. gale kaye says:

    I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to stay on This page! I do declare!

    I think if I stare at the cursor flashing long enough I’ll think of something to write… about how wonderful it is to just free-flow thoughts, words, and images to you… and they are received…like the first Morse code tapping, Joy Joy Joy


  8. Chris says:

    Absolutely lovely, Jane! May that person keep bringing the best out of you!!!!!!!!!


  9. well that is an entirely lovely peom…very groovy, says Morgan


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