the inner muse

Dedicated to my Mom

Agnes Gertrude Uelman Johann



each imagination writes its own page…

the stirrings deep within

emerge in light

with the innate desire to share

touching  my soul with yours

giving birth once again

English: Anne Home as The Pensive Muse in 1767...

English: Anne Home as The Pensive Muse in 1767 before her marriage to John Hunter. Engraving by W. W. Ryland, after a lost portrait by Angelica Kauffman. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

7 thoughts on “the inner muse

  1. says:

    wonderful connection to your mom


  2. glkaye2013 says:

    so few words to say so much


  3. Mich Smith says:



  4. Ami Fidèle says:

    Truly wonderful, each sentence has a beating heart.


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