Boston Marathon Tragedy

my heart bleeds with all those who lost their lives this day…and all who mourn their lost…WE can all do better…for the memory of all those who have died…let us try to BE our best selves always!


9 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Tragedy

  1. Mich Smith says:

    So right!!


  2. tersiaburger says:

    In appreciation for your support, advice and friendship I have nominated you for the Best Moments Award. I hope you will accept this award.


    • I am humbled …thank you so much, Tersia! Your own blog has inspired me greatly–you have such deep love for your daughter–you were heroic in all you did to be love to her and for her! You TOTALLY gave of yourself!


    • Good evening,Tersia!

      Thank you so much for your nomination! It is encouraging to me — truly! I do not understand the technology behind posting awards….which is why I did not post the “inspiring award” you nominated me for a few weeks ago. I do not know how to make the award a widget…I would think that is what I would have to do….correct? If you can send me directions, I would appreciate your help!

      I know your heart is suffering greatly…”those who love much, suffer much”….someone once told me….

      I hope you see the GOODNESS inside of you…and how much you did for your daughter! Vic would want you to be happy…to be her joy for her boys….I know it is very difficult to lose her…being without those we love hurts….

      I really believe that there is a place beyond here—and that Vic is closer to you now than even previously—I hope you talk to her often!

      Know that I carry you in my heart…and in prayer…and I hope you can find peace inside of you…YOU are a wonderful, caring person!

      Love to you, Jane


  3. I love this quote. Thanks for sharing! This is another sad tragedy for Americans.


  4. […] evening I opened my emails and found a beautiful email from Jane@  I wanted to post some of it with the beautiful picture and went into her blog to copy her blog […]


  5. As for the Boston tragedy, with God’s help, we must never, ever, by-pass the due process of rationality and civil law, for if we do, we are no better than the infamous and evil in this world. And, thanks for taking the time to read some of my “stuff” and tapping the button. I’ll do my best to not waste your time.


    • Yes, I agree with your words. Both of these young men suffered greatly in their own minds to choose this horrific attack. Their choice of action was extremely misguided and has caused great sadness for so many families. Nevertheless, if we execute the young man left — we are no better! As
      Mahatma Gandhi “an eye for an eye makes the whole blind.” It saddens me to hear that this tragedy increased the appetite of people for their guns.


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