laughing water bubbles

laughing water bubbles

not you

not me

laughing water bubbles

carrying us beyond human limitations

laughing water bubbles

healing you

healing me

carrying us into the Heart of Joy

Bubbles left at tide pools after the ocean wat...

Bubbles left at tide pools after the ocean water retreated (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5 thoughts on “laughing water bubbles

  1. Mich Smith says:

    Very nice!!


  2. clarabetty says:

    What a wonderfully creative way to think about our oneness and yet our uniqueness! I love how the the photos go with the poem. You just keep getting more awesome!


    • Thank you for your kind words! Isn’t it wonderful how WordPress users are so affirming and gracious to one another –we see the gifts each brings to the world—and it helps us to be better writers and gives us more courage to open up and write freely! It has done this for me! And YOU have done this for me with your stopping by and even taking the time to comment! THANK YOU so very much! I enjoy your site–I think you write the reviews with such great warmth! You are one with the author—you carry their story into our hearts, creating this desire in us to read them for ourselves! THANK YOU for sharing your wonderful gift with us all!


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