Thank you for the Dragon Loyalty Award

Thank you to dear Shaun for nominating me for the “Dragon Loyalty Award.”   You are so gallant and strong…and your blog is that of an Honest Knight!  Dear Shaun, you wrote:   “I have a great life, I am blessed, but when the hurt comes, I turn to you, Word Press..And you help me.. I hope I help you back, just a little” —- your words have helped me a great deal! Thank you for being a blogger and sharing your truth so beautifully!

Seven Facts about me:

1.  I seem to love to laugh…more and more…and not to “cover up” pain…I feel so happy! and it is WONDERFUL!  I have been sad long enough in my life…and now I think there is something more…deeper joy!

2.  I love to plant trees…unfortunately, due to last summer’s drought, trees that I watched grow for 2o years, are now dying. But today, my neighbor gave me 4 more trees to plant! How kind and generous of  Ellen!

3.  I am blessed with beautiful people in my life…my family…my daughters…my grandchildren..LOVE!

4.  I do enjoy playing Canasta and Gin Rummy…occasionally.

5.  I would love to learn French, Spanish, Hindi and Chinese.  I know one or two phrases in each. Now time for some serious studying! LOL

6.  Sometimes I get very lonely…and depressed…and I turn to my writing to free myself…and then I get responses from the wonderful WordPress family and all is well!  Since I have begun daily meditation, I am doing so much better…I see how important it is to return to the Center…to find balance.

7. I believe in the GOD of LOVE—and I am open to all forms of spirituality….because, honestly, I think we are all ONE in LOVE. We are all water love crystals, gifting each other along the way…just like a bag of marshmellows when placed in the microwave—they all become ONE! So we are marshmellows of love crystals full of love sugar and whichever religion, spirituality, view gets you to believe in yourself and the goodness of others is a wonderful, tremendous gift!

I now award 7 people:

*  Kamlesh Oraon

A new and inspiring poet from Dhanbad, India. I am nominating Kamlesh for this award because he reminds me of a Gentle Dragon going out into the world, giving blessings and hope to all with his new found voice in poetry!

*  Saunved  Mutalik

So young a writer, a poet, and already on the road to success! Saunved, your blog is wonderful to read! Such versatile entries! Love your humor!

*  Mama Baker

Love your recipes and joy of life…a happy dragon of delicious words!

*  Pat Gerber-Relf

For her very delightful blog in which her dynasty cats allow her to publish their profound writings!  How wonderful and fun!


You are a courageous lady! Your words are the expression of your bravery! You are a lovely, talented and amazing dragon of inner strength!


Love your beautiful pen drawings…your selected quotes…your words!  Your strength to go out there and be BOLD!  Definitely a gentle dragon!


You receive this award, dear Elusivescribe, for you are the Dragon of Romanticism! Lovely, lovely poems have you!

* Patty

I nominate you, Patty, for this award, because you have tremendous, courageous fire in your words…you are my Dragon of Courage!

Thank you again, Shaun, for the award! YOU are my Dragon of Gallantry!   You honor me too much!  Congratulations to the SEVEN  BLOGGERS above and may your footprints of thoughts continue to grow!


The Rules are…

-Display the  Award Certificate on your website.

-Announce your win with a written post and link to whoever presented your award.

-Present 7 awards to deserving bloggers.

-Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have liked them in the post.

-Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

-If you don’t have a blog but have a website, Facebook, or Twitter or other type account, post there with a link back.

22 thoughts on “Thank you for the Dragon Loyalty Award

  1. Oh…guess I nominated EIGHT….LOL…one more marshmellow for the bag of Great Bloggers! LOL


  2. cyberbonn says:



  3. Praveena says:

    Congratulations again 🙂


  4. Yoshiko says:

    Congratulation, Jane 🙂


  5. shanesbookblog says:

    Congrats Jane! You are an inspiration to all the bloggers here on WordPress, and you have made me smile many times when I was in a rather poor mood…Thank you for always helping those around you…you are a true Hero!

    You deserve this award and a million more!


    • Shane, thank you so much for your very kind words to me! I find that YOU and so many of the bloggers are very open and receptive! You and their responses have built me! I assure you of that with confidence! I have had many, many difficult days…then i finally realized i was a person worth something…someone came along and loved me as I am and I suddenly realized that my ideas and what I thought… were NOT crazy–as many others had said to me. This special friendship–a person I have NOT met in person– brought me out to joy! I sometimes slip backwards,,,but I give it all I have to go forward! Can you imagine the power of positive words to someone and its effect!!!!!!! MIND BOGGLING = water bubbles we can give freely to each other!


    • Shane, I appreciate what you have written so much! Thank you for your very affirming words!


  6. Mich Smith says:

    Congratulation again, you deserve it !!


    • merci pour votre public fidèle, Mich, et ​​pour toujours me laissant une pensée ou deux! Comment gentil de votre part! Je suis timide au sujet de “mérite” … mais je vous remercie de votre pensée!
      thank you for your faithful following, Mich, and for always leaving me a thought or two! How gracious of you! I am shy about “deserving” it…but I appreciate your thought!


  7. Saunved says:

    Thank you so much for the award! 😀 You have a great heart! 😀


  8. tersiaburger says:

    WE all seem to share the same sentiment – we have found acceptance, compassion, understanding and friendship here! Well done Jane! You deserve this award en every other award!


  9. Thank you so much for nominating me, Jane! I truly LOVE this award! (it’s a dragon award that stands for loyalty, how much better does it get!) 🙂 I will post it as soon as possible! You are a amazing woman, Jane, thank you so much for your friendship! ❤


  10. Ajaytao2010 says:

    Nice reading about you.

    Thanks for following my blog Browse through the category sections, I feel you may definitely find something of your interest.


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