How-to Add PHOTOS to your blog

I realize that for many of you, this is a very simple procedure and you are not at all interested in this posting.  But for those of us who are beginners, I have found little information tidbits like this helpful to me…and since I have been requested by beginners, such as myself, I am posting this in an effort to SIMPLIFY the tedious instructions and write them as simply as I can to help others. Hopefully, there are no errors and it will help someone.  Also, any suggestions for improvements in my instructions, would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!

I also need HELP in using the widgets!  (1) I am unable to add IMAGES…sometimes I succeed, but most of the time I do not.  And I do not know what I am doing incorrectly; (2) At one time, I had all of my former postings listed in ARCHIVES—then somehow it disappeared….and I do not know how to get the Archives to display my previous postings.   I would appreciate the help of my fellow bloggers!  Thank you!

To add your own photos to your writing,   follow these steps:

1. Go to Dashboard.

2. Click on POSTS….Add NEW POST of Existing Post

3. When the POST page appears…immediately above the rectangular box, there is a smaller rectungular box with the words   “Add Media”

4. CLICK on “Add Media”

5. This will take you to a new page, INSERT MEDIA

6. Click on UPLOAD FILES

7. A new page will appear and in the center, it tells you to  Drop files anywhere to upload……I go to the center box that reads SELECT FILES….click this….and then it will take you to the different locations on your computer …you SELECT the one with the photo image that you want……..and download it into the box.


14 thoughts on “How-to Add PHOTOS to your blog

  1. For edit a image to your widget:
    * go to your dashboard
    * choose appearance on the left menu and then widgets
    * on this new page, scroll until you find image
    * drag this widget to the left to get it in your widgets menu
    * it will now ask you to fill in the image title (this will be placed above your image and a image url. You can also choose to link it to a page where people will be directed to when clicking on the image.
    * now, for the image url, you will have to go to your uploaded images. (dashboard, then media on the right and then library) Here you can find your images.
    * click the one you want and you will go to it’s page. You will find the image url on the right. Just copy and paste it into your widget.

    Hope this was helpful! Let me know if it worked! 🙂


  2. You are so kind, Patty! Thank you…I will attempt it grandchildren are visiting soon so I may have to wait until this evening. Thank you!


  3. andy1076 says:

    The one thing I am having trouble with is trying to add a functioning widget, like the ones that tell you how many people from a particular country are visiting you etc right on the main page. I know the forums say go to administrator login but there’s still no access to it 😦


  4. I’ve routinely added pictures from the beginning of my blogging days. However, I also often get myself into a number of jams if you will. I’m anxious to have your step-by-step directions at my fingertips. I may be back to add questions. Thanks for this information.


  5. clarabetty says:

    You are so kind to post this, I just read your e-mail and was going to copy your instructions to me, then I came here and printed it out (having just put in new blk. ink-I hate to be without ink! That’s a must when you’re writing!) So now I will try to add my photos. Thanks again.


  6. Jerry says:

    Well written. 😉


  7. Yoshiko says:

    A tip from my technical person “Try not to upload large image files. It takes time to load”. Hope this helps 😀


  8. I learned from Patty’s explanation. I had not thought to link the awarding post to the image concentrating so much on just posting the image! Perfect idea.


    • Yes–We are learning so much from one another! So great! I love this WordPress! I love the attitude of sharing and being a community of writers and encouraging one another! So cool!


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