Loneliness is as harsh as a dry, cold wind

Creeping inside your every cell so thinned

Zapping the energy right out of you

Shadows of yesterday’s longings sung blue

Ping pong through your many memories

Searching the once upon a time faces and alleys

All the people you knew and loved

left you alone, your heart ungloved

You are left behind, wondering why

Do they think of you as the night flies by

And what is it that you still must do

The answer seems to evade you

The Silence Of Loneliness

The Silence Of Loneliness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You search deep within

Life seems to be on a backspin

Desperately you hold on

Piercing blood deep pawn

You cry and struggle still

You can’t give up, you never will

To be all you can become…

To keep at it until you’re done

To wait without hurrying

To love without clutching

To give without wanting

To be open without blocking

To love without expecting

To find without begging

To accept yourself within a song

To be…to become…to belong

19 thoughts on “Loneliness

  1. loneliness is blackhole!


  2. Yes, the journey of loneliness certainly begins that way…recently, I heard an interesting conversation on NPR concerning the universe and is blackholes. This particular scientist said that it has now been discovered that there are white holes within the blackholes! Amazing! Perhaps entire universes lie within those! Perhaps we have to journey through the darkness to get to the light?
    Thank you for visiting my blog!


  3. Loneliness described to perfection. I really love the first part. 🙂


  4. cobbies69 says:

    stuck in darkness, the tunnel so black and not finding a way out..loneliness is like death, but still breathing 😉


  5. yes…just like in “Finding Nemo”—keep on breathingm breathing, breathing! Thank you for giving me that HAPPY BUBBLE!


  6. tigger0198 says:

    Loneliness is why friendship was invented — or which came first


    • Very true…but I think there is an inner solitude that must be attained…that no one can do for oneself…I think I have to be at home with me…no one can do it for me…and that is NOT to say that I do not value my friends…like you…I do value friendship…but there is something one must do for oneself


      • clarabetty says:

        How true…seems to be where I am at..trying to find out who I am after all these years of caring for someone else and now alone, I have to find out what I want, not what someone else wants. To live with my aloneness.


      • Yes…to love and accept ourselves…where we should have begun our lives…but so many messages were false…


    • yes…i think you are correct…you are a good friend, Judy@


  7. I think M M Mohan writes it very beautifully on his blog posting: “No One Can Fill It”—http://advocatemmmohanaksharaalu.wordpress.com/2013/05/11/no-one-can-fill-it/


  8. Manu Kurup says:

    Like.. Like… Like… 😀


  9. glkaye2013 says:

    You express it so well. We need words to comprehend


  10. These words are poignant but awesomely done.


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