HOW TO—how to add a CLUSTER MAP illustrating your readers from around the globe~

1. Go to

2. Fill in the required information….your blog’s name and your email address.

3. Respond to email verification that will be sent to you from cluster.maps

4. You will receive 2 emails…(1) confirming that you want to join cluster maps; (2) you will receive a new password for Cluster Maps and then you have to re-sign into Cluster Maps with the new password directly from the email you receive.

5. CHANGE your password to your own preference.

6. Next  you have to paste the HTML code to your Blog.  Go to Cluster Maps  subsection called “Instructions”—click on “Instructions”

7. When the page appears with Instructions…look to the RIGHThand side of the page as you face it.  You will see “Sub Pages” written with a yellow background. Scan downwards until you reach “Clustermaps on Iblog”—-click on this link.

8. YOU will now need to complete 2 Phases:

Instructions from source on Cluster Maps.  ALL of instructions below from Cluster Map site and full credit is given to them:

(1)PHASE I: Copy your ClustrMaps HTML code

1. Log in to your ClustrMaps ‘Admin’ page by clicking on the Admin link at the top of any ClustrMaps page, or going directly to: (use your URL as your username, and the password you have been sent, or the password you changed it to)

2. On your admin page, you will see a box containing the relevant HTML code (option [A] or [B] are both fine). Click in the box with your mouse and select ALL of that text (you can use the two keyboard keys CTRL+A to select all of it)

3. Now copy that HTML (you can use the two keyboard keys CTRL+C to perform this, or right-click with the mouse and select ‘Copy’); you will then paste it into your web page later on below.

(2)PHASE II: Blog-specific alterations for iBlog users

4. Now you must log into your blog hosting account, using the sequence you would normally use, say, if you were about to change your blog settings or preferences or user profile information. Do this in a separate browser window if possible, or in the same window you are currently using if that is simpler for you.

5. You now need to alter the ‘code’ on your page where the map is going to appear. To do this, follow the specific sequence for WORDPRESS.

  • copy the ‘ClustrMaps HTML’ provided by us (’minimalist’ option [B]);
  • log in to your WordPress account;
  • go to Dashboard… Appearance… Widgets… Text… drag to Sidebar
  • select edit…, paste the ‘ClustrMaps HTML’ into the large text area, then Save

6. Go to this page of Cluster Maps, if my explanation is not clear enough:

Best of luck to you!

One thought on “HOW TO—how to add a CLUSTER MAP illustrating your readers from around the globe~

  1. Ego Sum, I cannot find a link to your blog! You do not have a link on your Gravatar image! Please send me a link, so that I can visit you and your writing!


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