Who was Aminul Islam…Martyr for Workers in Bangladesh?

Aminul Islam was a married man

A husband, a father

An ordinary man who walked the Earth everyday seeking to create a living

What would prompt a man to stand up and fight the Hog that fed him and his family?

What would prompt a man to speak out when he was threatened previously to keep his mouth shut?

What would prompt a man to speak the truth when he would end up giving his life for just that fact alone?

A person with a passion for justice

A person who cared about his fellow workers

A person with a heart so pure he cared only for humans to be kind to other humans

A person who believed in truth

A person who was hoping speech would loosen the grip of greed choking the owners

A person who was only asking that walls and floors be built  safely

A person who was only asking for just wages so that he could feed and clothe  his family

A person who was only asking for basic human kindness

Greed and fear took over the hearts of those who killed him

Now who will take care of his wife? of his children?

Will truth be silenced because he died?

Hopefully, more will take up his cause and fight the battle for him and for each other

equality  justice  hope love social justice factories in Bangladesh

Bangladesh people

Bangladesh workers

Factory Collapse in Bangladesh


A map of the languages spoken in Bangladesh, i...

A map of the languages spoken in Bangladesh, in English. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



“…So, Bangladesh faces a multilayered situation. Even though there is anger that people are being paid a pittance, there are equal concerns that international corporations could now abandon clothes that are ‘Made in Bangladesh’ due to safety problems…”

Extensive coverage of war crimes tribunals and controversial calls for blasphemy laws. ( 12-May-2013 )

4 thoughts on “Who was Aminul Islam…Martyr for Workers in Bangladesh?

  1. Great article.


  2. …there are so many injustices in this world…we have to be transparent…we have to help each other


  3. I’m not sure where my head was when this post came across my screen but I’m happy my back-up system caught your work for me. The problems in Bangladesh continue to run out-of-control and nothing has been solved. It concerns me deeply that a solution will not be found in our time and probably not the life times of our grandchildren.


    • Yes…we can only keep trying…I firmly believe that voices are needed to keep these things transparent and in front of us…it may not change things immediately, but by writing about these things, we keep the conversation going and maybe someone with more power and influence will read it and have the ability to work for change in a more direct way. I do not know what else to do…but to send prayers and hope into the world.


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