Aminul Islam…Martyr for Workers in Bangladesh

The flag of Bangladesh Deutsch: Die Flagge von...

The flag of Bangladesh Deutsch: Die Flagge von Bangladesch Esperanto: La flago de Bangladeŝo Español: Bandera de Bangladesh. Italiano: Bandiera del Bangladesh. Русский: Флаг Бангладеша Slovenščina: Državna zastava Bangladeša (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aminul Islam is a martyr, whose death should not be in vain

He died because he spoke for the workers with no names

He died a cruel and torturous death not seeking fame

He simply asked for just wages and safe working conditions

Hoping that injustice would not become the tradition

That human life would not be lost in perdition

He rallied for those who had no voice

He spoke out for safety for lives who had no choice

He is silent now, but we remain with the damning invoice


We buy the clothes for which the men, women and children died

They wanted to work, they had to eat, they had their pride

They were crushed to death so the big cats could set money aside

What can we do, we may say…stand up today against these brands

Add your voice to Aminul Islam and ask for love to expand

We cannot  act like what we do doesn’t matter, we are part of the band

Do not allow this man’s death to be in vain

Shout out to the corporations  your disdain

His wife and children should not live in the rain

Men, women and children deserve human respect

Factories can be shut down and forced to inspect

One thousand one hundred twenty-seven lives too late to protect

Bangladeshi woman

Bangladeshi woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


European and USA Companies that do not insist on safe working environments are:  Wrangler, Wal Mart

**************************************************************************************** EYE ON BANGLADESH: At a time when Bangladesh is under intense scrutiny to make reforms in its garment industry in the wake of a building collapse that killed 1,127 people, CBS News has turned up another garment factory making clothes for Wal-Mart, Asics and Wrangler that allegedly blocks its emergency exits, fails to provide an adequate number of fire extinguishers and uses child labor.”


His body was found two days later, dumped by the roadside. His kneecaps were smashed, and his toes had been broken. No suspect has been named.

Fahima told us she believes factory owners paid off corrupt police to torture and kill her husband.

“If you try to help workers in Bangladesh,” she said, “you make enemies.”

U.S. retailers have been trying to improve conditions in Bangladesh for many years, but there isn’t any pressure on American companies to stop doing business in Bangladesh altogether.

Bangladeshi workers need these jobs, but a lot of people in Bangladesh told us that since U.S. retailers benefit from the country’s very low wages, should take responsibility for conditions inside factories. Following the Rana Plaza collapse, several European retailers have signed an agreement to use their own money to make Bangladeshi factories safer, but so far, all of the big U.S. retailers have declined to sign on.”

If you are further interested in this cause, below is an organization that is also:

Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights
(formerly National Labor Committee)
5 Gateway Center, 6th Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, U.S.A.
Office +1 412.562.2406  |  Fax +1 412.562.2411

9 thoughts on “Aminul Islam…Martyr for Workers in Bangladesh

  1. cobbies69 says:

    A great piece of information and eye opening about practices of the wealthy world.. sad situation.. 😉


  2. I went shopping this past weekend determined to find a few summer items with the made in America only label on them. My shoppping list included everything from wardrobe fillers for both my husband and myself, replacement containers and glasses for the patio and a few other odds and ends. I came home frustrated and empty-handed.


    • I think it is good that you are trying to help fellow Americans.I also think global marketing is a good thing—and that worldwide objects should be on a level playing field. However, CORPORATIONS are NOT concerned with “Made in America”…or “Made…in any other country”—they are NOT caring about the worker ANY where! They are only concerned with GREED—and that is probably WHY it is so difficult to find MADE IN AMERICA. Individual craftsmanship and production is ruined by laws designed for the Greedy Corporate world. Just like in Bangladesh. Greed was the obstacle to provide safe working conditions for the people in the factory. Greed prompted the corporate murder of Aminul Islam. Thank you, Sheri, for visiting my blog and leaving your worthwhile comment! You are appreciated!


  3. Ego Sum, N. E. Skull, Superduqee777 –I cannot FIND you on WordPress! Do you want to be found? Your Gravatar has to have a LINK that is manually created by you in order for us to locate your blog. ¿Quieres ser encontrado? Su Gravatar tiene que tener un vínculo que se crea manualmente por usted para que podamos ubicar su blog. Thanks! I do not know how else to reach you—so I thought maybe this would enhance the possibility…if you read the comments.


  4. In 1911, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factor in New York City burst into flames, killing 146 people. Until Sept. 11, 2001, it was one of the most lethal workplace fires in American history, according to the book, “Flesh and Blood so Cheap,” by Albert Marrin.

    We need to make sure that wherever people work that it’s a safe, healthy environment. Too often, corporate greed supersedes human rights. That should never. Thank you for sharing this story, Jane.


  5. thank you for reminding us of our own history and struggles! I always appreciate your visiting and your comments!


  6. rachelmeeks says:

    Another reason to add to the long list of why NOT to shop at Walmart!


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