passionate desire

The Black Stallion (film)

The Black Stallion (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

desire…noble, defenseless desire seeks its want

you find it within yourself…your happiness you flaunt

tension deliciously mounts with numerous increases as you jaunt

your heart runs, ignoring the geo-political thread detente



…like the  black stallion in the dark night, speeding onward without delay

…like the blue wave cresting over itself, heedless of any obstacle in its way

…like the brilliance of a summer sunset, streaking its  copper orange passion hues through sky’s roadway


Waves crashing

Waves crashing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

your heart knows no bounds

… turns in every possible direction

flounders… stumbling over its own emotions…no selection

…cascading into

turbulent joy, no honorable mention

your heart runs and runs…

Waves crashing on rocks on the Southern Oregon...

Waves crashing on rocks on the Southern Oregon Coast. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…oblivious of what is not there

…oblivious of the blank  stares

 ..oblivious of the one way flare




until…you see you are running alone 

until…you feel unrequited desire…no one home

until…you capture your sigh, realizing your heart was on loan

Waves crashing over rocks, Porto Moniz, Madeir...

Waves crashing over rocks, Porto Moniz, Madeira, Portugal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

18 thoughts on “passionate desire

  1. Beautifully poignant


  2. Nancy says:

    Absolutely Fabulous Jane…..


  3. to steal one of your words – delicious


  4. oh my…I am so honored for you to comment! You are absolutely the BEST poet!


  5. rosewater12 says:

    I love the tempo. It reminds me of a cross between Allen Ginsberg and “It’s all right, ma (I’m only bleeding)”. Beautiful summation.


    • You got it! I haven’t read Allen Ginsberg–not sure who he is–a hippie of days gone by? seems that his name rings a bell—but you CERTAINLY understood the message! Thank you for visiting my blog! and for your comment!


  6. Hello my friend

    I really enjoyed that. As I have said to many before, I am no expert on poetry but I know what I like.

    Despite the main body of the poem following with strength and beautiful imagery I was somehow waiting on the ‘until’ coming.
    Don’t know why so I will just put it down to brilliant writing.



    • Hi Steven, thank you for visiting and leaving a comment! I always LOVE comments! Well–this one was close to home—always easier to write from what one experiences. Thank you for your encouraging words! You honor me so much!


  7. Mich Smith says:



  8. This speaks volumes ma’am and somehow I can relate to it. Beautifully written. 🙂


  9. glkaye2013 says:

    Amazing…what a poet you are…write on…


  10. tigger0198 says:

    Great images !!!


  11. dear N. E. Skull from Ireland…dear Ego Sum and dear Superduque 777………thank you for visiting my blog…I wanted to return the favor…but I can’t find YOU! Perhaps you do not want to be found? If you do, you have to manually link your Gravatar image to your WordPress account. I wrote about that in the following posting (I hadn’t done it either!):

    May 2, 2013
    Link your WORDPRESS blog manually to Gravatar or We Won’t Find YOU!


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