passionate desire

The Black Stallion (film)

The Black Stallion (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

desire…noble, defenseless desire seeks its want

you find it within yourself…your happiness you flaunt

tension deliciously mounts with numerous increases as you jaunt

your heart runs, ignoring the geo-political thread detente



…like the  black stallion in the dark night, speeding onward without delay

…like the blue wave cresting over itself, heedless of any obstacle in its way

…like the brilliance of a summer sunset, streaking its  copper orange passion hues through sky’s roadway


Waves crashing

Waves crashing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

your heart knows no bounds

… turns in every possible direction

flounders… stumbling over its own emotions…no selection

…cascading into

turbulent joy, no honorable mention

your heart runs and runs…

Waves crashing on rocks on the Southern Oregon...

Waves crashing on rocks on the Southern Oregon Coast. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…oblivious of what is not there

…oblivious of the blank  stares

 ..oblivious of the one way flare




until…you see you are running alone 

until…you feel unrequited desire…no one home

until…you capture your sigh, realizing your heart was on loan

Waves crashing over rocks, Porto Moniz, Madeir...

Waves crashing over rocks, Porto Moniz, Madeira, Portugal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Learning from Loss


Moon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anguish is real, pain is felt deep.

Within the walls, cells migrate from one organ to the other.

In between the emotions beat their constant rhythm…

The heart finds no sleep!

What is this love that has taken hold of me?

Where my heart felt good–

When I spoke with you?

Then you asked to be set free!

Laughter left my lips…

The smile inside departed.

Combat began within…

Love had been clipped.

Emotions ran me foolish,

While reality set in.

As fleeting as the Spring blossoms

From me your love was banished.

What have I learned?

Love is fleeting…

Life is real…

Sometimes we get burned.

Love found….life gained…love lost…life pained.

Live through it…Rise above it!

What is this IT?

Love is elusive…the moon has waned.

* * * * * *

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