it is not easy to love oneself


we have to give up all the labels we have struggled with for: “forever”

we have to redefine ourselves

we have to take courage to believe we are someone of worth

we have to strip ourselves of illusion

we have to find joy in who we are

we have to believe in ourselves

we have to trust ourselves

no one can do it for us

no one can tell us we are good

we have to do if for ourselves

we have to walk our life

we have to take the steps

the ultimate courage

to take responsibility for who we are

and allow ourselves to feel

to feel hurt

to feel joy

to feel pain

to feel lost

to feel want

to feel sorrow

to feel grief

to feel response

to feel wonder

to feel delight

to feel love



no matter

the outcry of the masses

no matter

the distinction of a few

no matter

what anyone says to you

believe in you

you have worth

English: Projected density plot of a redshift ...

English: Projected density plot of a redshift z=2.5 dark matter halo from a cosmological N-body simulation. The visible part of the galaxy (not shown in the image) lies at the dense centre of the halo and has a diameter of roughly 20 kiloparsecs. There are also many satellite galaxies, each with its own subhalo which is visible as a region of high dark matter density in the image. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

you are okay the way you are

you are unique in all of the cosmos

you matter

because you are

compassion for oneself

compassion for your humanity

accept your humanness

accept who you are

you have a right to BE

be gentle with you

be gentle



Learning from Loss


Moon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anguish is real, pain is felt deep.

Within the walls, cells migrate from one organ to the other.

In between the emotions beat their constant rhythm…

The heart finds no sleep!

What is this love that has taken hold of me?

Where my heart felt good–

When I spoke with you?

Then you asked to be set free!

Laughter left my lips…

The smile inside departed.

Combat began within…

Love had been clipped.

Emotions ran me foolish,

While reality set in.

As fleeting as the Spring blossoms

From me your love was banished.

What have I learned?

Love is fleeting…

Life is real…

Sometimes we get burned.

Love found….life gained…love lost…life pained.

Live through it…Rise above it!

What is this IT?

Love is elusive…the moon has waned.

* * * * * *

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