it is not easy to love oneself


we have to give up all the labels we have struggled with for: “forever”

we have to redefine ourselves

we have to take courage to believe we are someone of worth

we have to strip ourselves of illusion

we have to find joy in who we are

we have to believe in ourselves

we have to trust ourselves

no one can do it for us

no one can tell us we are good

we have to do if for ourselves

we have to walk our life

we have to take the steps

the ultimate courage

to take responsibility for who we are

and allow ourselves to feel

to feel hurt

to feel joy

to feel pain

to feel lost

to feel want

to feel sorrow

to feel grief

to feel response

to feel wonder

to feel delight

to feel love



no matter

the outcry of the masses

no matter

the distinction of a few

no matter

what anyone says to you

believe in you

you have worth

English: Projected density plot of a redshift ...

English: Projected density plot of a redshift z=2.5 dark matter halo from a cosmological N-body simulation. The visible part of the galaxy (not shown in the image) lies at the dense centre of the halo and has a diameter of roughly 20 kiloparsecs. There are also many satellite galaxies, each with its own subhalo which is visible as a region of high dark matter density in the image. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

you are okay the way you are

you are unique in all of the cosmos

you matter

because you are

compassion for oneself

compassion for your humanity

accept your humanness

accept who you are

you have a right to BE

be gentle with you

be gentle



23 thoughts on “self-compassion

  1. Jerry says:

    AMEN! Where on God’s green earth did I miss you. Hadn’t seen you in a while Johann?


  2. An honest post, thanks. I truly loved myself the moment I forgave those people in my life that mattered most – for being human and doing the best they could 🙂


  3. cobbies69 says:

    Hi Johann, as for your questions you left on mine,, reducing the Title list is in the ‘Appearance – Widgets and set the amount of titles one wish. As for the other am not sure, because one is a free wP and other is paid one, they offer different things,, but a guess would in the gravatar settings…otherwise contact WP… sorry not much help.. thank you for stopping by,, your comment was in my Spam why? I dont know,,,,:)


  4. j.h. white says:

    It does take courage to be human, to feel everything that is ours to feel….encouraging post, thank you, Johann.


  5. Why is it that we can forgive the frailties in others yet be so hard on ourselves. Your points are well taken, Jane.


    • I think I am a very forgiving person…but then people have told me that if I am that hard on myself, then I am that hard on others. I do not think that is true. Maybe I am wrong. In any case, I have been exploring the idea from another approach—if I accept myself and love myself better, I will be more accepting and loving of others. I will do less comparing and judging of others. So maybe I do have this subtle, hard, underlying judgment of others just as I do towards myself? I do think too much! (smile) I have felt much emotional pain in my life…for a number of reasons…and I think what it taught me was that I should be more understanding and compassionate towards others — because just like others do not know what I have endured, I do not know what they have suffered. I try NOT to hurt others as I have been hurt. I think that is WHY I am harder on myself–because of the cruelty of other humans towards me…I have to continually “let go” of the trauma and negative judgment of those people towards me. Because of this, I try extremely hard not to make negative statements to others. I guess I see that pointing out what good someone does is more helpful to them in the long run, than harping on something I do not approve of. I do think I need to forgive myself for my failures, focus less on them and celebrate more what I do right! What do you think about all of what I have just written? What do you think?


      • Just because you’re hard on yourself does not necessarily mean you’re harder on others. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Jane. From your writings, I see a very positive and caring person.

        I think I’m harder on myself because I know what I’m capable of and often feel that I could do more than I have. Like I wish I had the patience of the saints and a Zen-like presence. Sometimes I do. Others, I’m still a work in progress. 🙂

        I carry a “blessing” stone. Some call it a worry stone. But calling it a “worry” stone means the focus is on the negative. So I use the “blessing” stone as a way to redirect my energies toward the positive. 🙂


      • thank you, Judy, for your words! They mean much to me! I love the idea of carrying a “blessing stone!” Perhaps you should blog about it…I think it would help all of us…it is a great idea…I have a turquoise stone that I received from a friend who visited Canyon de Sheylles in Arizona…the beginning of the awful march…the Trail of Tears. The stone is in the shape of a bear. I should carry this as my reminder to stay positive! Thank you for the lovely suggestion!


  6. Thank you, Jane, for the wonderful suggestion for a blog post. I’m glad you like the idea of the blessing stone. The turquoise bear sounds really cool.


  7. Lovely to read thanks. So hard to do when all the world seems to think loving yourself is just arrogance, and those who cannot love themselves can be keen to make sure you don’t love yourself either! But probably the best goal you can have, not least since you can’t love anyone else without loving yourself first…


  8. So tough too accomplish – even more difficult to maintain.


  9. Your posts always get at me in a profound way, Jane 🙂


  10. Yoshiko says:

    Very encouraging, Jane, a good poetry to encourage the depressed to stand up again 🙂


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