wandering in the shadows

it is five o’clock this July morning

opening my eyes to the summer moment

instead of the warm sun of the past two weeks

my eyes found a heavy fog laying across the hills

Morning Fog Photo Credit: Judy Mayer   Sun Prairie, WI July 2013

Morning Fog
Photo Credit: Judy Mayer
Sun Prairie, WI
July 2013

just a hint of the trees poking through

no clear image…no clear direction…

how often do i wander in the shadows?

11 thoughts on “wandering in the shadows

  1. xbox2121 says:

    If you are anything like me you spend a lot of time wandering in the shadows.


  2. Sometimes I think we do of our best work when we see our shadow side. As you have often commented on my posts as to your appreciation of them, I feel the same about your writings. It’s a journey, especially when we are called to a greater place along our path. Let it soak in, even if it is all a fog for the sun will shine again and things will be clearer. Blessings to you.


  3. j.h. white says:

    I love days like this….there is much to learn in the pauses…the spaces between activities, days. Each bit of weather having something different to say. Lovely post…thank you !


    • querida Superduque777 … mi alma es tocada por la ternura de tu mensaje … me encanta tu blog tanto … las canciones reconfortan mi alma tan a menudo … y ahora, usted ha honrado a mi blog con adornando con su talento técnico y de esta hermosa canción … es perfecto! muchas gracias de todo corazón a los suyos

      …dear Superduque777…my soul is touched by the tenderness of your message…I love your blog so much…the songs comfort my soul so very often…and now,YOU have honored my blog with gracing it with your technical talent and this beautiful song…it is perfect! many thanks from my heart to yours…


  4. Excellent question…and I feel the sentiment. Thank you for allowing me to share in that moment with you!


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