Wash Away the Illusion of Loneliness

what is loneliness?

it is an illusion

isolation confusion

fear of being by oneself

feeling separate on the life shelf

unconnected and dismayed

climb out of yourself  and face the day

be gentle with yourself

 inconvenience oneself

accept that you are loveable

not only culpable

accept that you are part of something greater than yourself

you must bring oneself

to the waiting God of LOVE

you are never alone…hand and glove

…remember…go your Center

be at peace in Love tender

11 thoughts on “Wash Away the Illusion of Loneliness

  1. Ego Sum, if you drop by to visit, please leave a connection to your wordpress blog for me! I went to your Gravatar but could not find a link to wordpress. You must manually link it to WordPress.
    Ego Sum, si se le cae a visitar, por favor deje un enlace a tu blog wordpress para mí! Fui a tu Gravatar pero no pude encontrar un enlace a wordpress. Debe enlazar manualmente a WordPress.


  2. This is so beautiful and so true. “You are never alone…” I will remember this. 🙂


    • Thank you for your visit and your words…I am trying to capture the illusion of loneliness…I am sure there is more to be said…still formulating another way of expressing it. I know this intellectually—–I have to make it part of my daily mantra. It is so easy to be captured by an illusion! I need to keep it in my mind’s heart always…sometimes…I forget.


  3. Mary Jane Farrell says:

    The everlasting struggle and challenge–to find peace in simply being with Being. If only it were easy for any of us!


  4. Perhaps we struggle too hard for no reason?


  5. ‘climb out of yourself and face the day’…beautiful. xB


  6. heart*speaks says:

    […] Wash Away the Illusion of Loneliness (johannisthinking.com) […]


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