what is it…do we have it?

we want it for ourselves

and this is good

for only if we are compassionate towards ourselves

can we be compassionate towards others…

this may sound self-centered

but it really is not

I once thought “love yourself” was so arrogant and self-centered

then the LIGHT came on

and I realized we only can love others in the measure in which we love ourselves

unless we can be loving towards who we are,  and who we know so intimately…

then how can we love another? whom we do not know with the same intimacy?

if we are patient and compassionate towards ourselves

we will better understand how to be compassionate and loving towards the other…

if we reflect on life and how others affect us…then we will better understand how we affect others…

we get what we give out

not that we should only “fake” love or compassion…

but be sincere in caring about others….and then appreciate when others care about us…express our gratitude!

sometimes i am very sad……and I feel very alone…..but then if I try to help myself …meditate, write, draw or create an oil painting…i feel at peace in that creation

it does not sell for millions…it does not sell at all… is sold to ME….to the expression i feel inside that needs to come out..

many, many people have helped me on my journey….and to each of them I feel grateful…and also extend apologies for not expressing my heartfelt joy for all that they have given to me…

i know i have not arrived here alone…i know i am a product of all those who gave to me…my Mom, first of all…i love her so much and i miss her so much……

i cry tears each day thinking of her…and I no longer hide my tears…because that is who i am…

i have been given much in life…i have three beautiful daughters…and for them…i am grateful…and i have beautiful grandchildren…for them I am grateful…

so many friends in my life have given me hope to go on…

and when I was teaching, the students gave me so much love and energy…and purpose…

there is so much GOOD in the world…for all of this…I am grateful……

and to my WordPress family…I am grateful…it has brought me so much joy…

One thought on “Compassion

  1. clarabetty says:

    Isn’t this what the Bible says when It states that we are to love others as we love ourselves. But First we must first know the Love of God before we can love ourselves, as we should.


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