my apology

there is no emptiness like that void of one’s friends

there is no peace, no justified end

when all words and thoughts stop

where i began and you left off

what an idiot i was

emotions took over just because

i had to find a reason

for what seemed to be like treason

the worst i could be

crazy fool, with no thought of thee

though the flowers should bring me delight

i feel nothing but sorrow for the fight

clouds cover my sight

you have left and i am without night

there is no sleep

for your friendship i did not keep

now there is no one left here

but hollowness and  tears

longest lefthander in the world

longest lefthander in the world (Photo credit: Nikki McLeod)

10 thoughts on “my apology

  1. tigger0198 says:

    You make ME ache with loneliness.


  2. Emilio Macas says:

    Dear Jane:

    Your lonelines has spoken in this poem, your feeling of been alone.

    But, try to bring to your mind the affecttion your friends have for you and that, not only tin thoughts, but with writing and phone reach until you.

    Make efforts to replace what there does not exist besides you, with the presence of new realities, of new persons who appear in your life, or you try to gain for you. new affections with the new techonogies, so as it is possible for me to be in contact with you.

    Do not permite your soul suffer more than what is appropriate to maintin live the ego.

    I send you an embrace and a kiss.

    Your friend Emilio, from Bilbao-Spain.



    • gracias, for your words, Emilio. You are correct–I must remember the good…hope for tomorrow…appreciate those who love me and surround me…thank you for your kind words and sentiment.


  3. jalal michael sabbagh. says:

    Nicely expressed thoughts.Thank you for liking my post (MY Woman,my wife.) Regards.jalal


    • You are courageous, Jalal…you express my sentiments so well in what you have written on your blog! Thank you for visiting my writing…we will continue to support each other! Blessings!


  4. Feels very heartfelt. Hope it was well received if this was in fact to someone.


  5. A perfect marriage of your words and the photo you selected to share with your readers. Thank you.


    • Sheri, Your words always lift (I actually wrote “life me up!” at first—guess that works too!) me up and encourage me to keep writing. I feel so lost some days and often, my depression makes me doubt my purpose…writing has now become my purpose…it gives me a chance to be in the world and to relate to others. It pleases me and gives me some satisfaction, from what you write to me, that I serve some purpose here. Thank you so much!


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