Review – Kofi Akpabli’s TICKLING THE GHANAIAN – Encounters with Contemporary Culture

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I just love this book.  Kofi Akpabli’s Tickling the Ghanaian, Encounters with Contemporary Culture is a collection of well researched, realistic everyday  situations of the Ghanaian experience.  The book has crystallised my desperate attempt to remain Ghanaian, at all costs. The book also gives a deep insight into what makes us stand out as a nation among nations, that unique cultural label that tags the Ghanaian wherever he goes.

In How Cloth Tickles the Ghanaian, the importance of the  cloth for the Ghanaian has been elaborated in a way that anyone can identify with.  In his narrative, Kofi Akpabli tells the reader of much historical facts associated with the Ghanaian cloth. He also outlines  what the cloth means to various ethnic groups in Ghana. I never knew, until reading this book, the importance of the cloth for the Ewe male and the romantic attachment to the cloth perceived by…

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