oh, the little “a”…she is so lonely…

Cover of "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom"

Cover of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

This conversation occurred while reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin, Jr and John Archambault, with Lois Ehlert as their Illustrator, with Nadia, my four year old granddaughter.

We had just reached one of the last pages of the children’s book, when lower case “a” was left alone, climbing the tree trunk, and Nadia gently spoke, “Oh, she is so lonely!”

I replied, “Well, we can help her!”

Nadia the asked, “How, Nanny?”

I suggested, “Why don’t we  gently pick her off the page, close our eyes and carry her into our hearts…then she will not be alone anymore.”

Nadia looked at me with wonder and a bit of disbelief, “Really, Nanny?”

To which I responded with, “Yes, let us try it. We can reach our hand towards the page, then close our eyes, and lift “little a” into our hearts! Let’s try!  You only have to believe it to make it happen!”

So we tried.  Unknown to me, but made aware of it by Nadia, we missed the “little a” on our first attempt! Then Nadia cheered us on, “Let’s try again, Nanny!”

So we did! This time we were successful!

Happily we cupped “little a” into our hands and carried her safely into our hearts…where she is now residing with great comfort and security.

16 thoughts on “oh, the little “a”…she is so lonely…

  1. Chris says:

    Jane, you are such an excellent Nanny to teach such love to your grandchildren. Thanks for all you do! Chris


    • oh Chris…thank you! I am sure your heart does the same…Nadia helps me to draw out of my deeper life…I love her and Ayden so much! I am sure you are anxious to be with your grandchildren! Thank you for the gift for the eyeglasses! I finally bought them! Your gift helped me so much! Thank you for being so generous! I hope that I will be able to visit you and Gilbert when you return to the USA. Lara is doing well in Togo and loves her host family and the people she is meeting each day! She is so impressed with their loveliness and openness! Yes, they are good people! I am so happy for her! But I miss her too! Talk again with you soon! Thank you for visiting my blog! and for your very kind compliment! Love to you, Chris! Imagine–we have been friends since childhood! Mary Buser and Kathy Packel Laestch are coming to visit this Thursday! When you return to Wisconsin, we should all get together!


  2. j.h. white says:

    This is so beautiful…being with the smallest children makes everything possible… lifting us to the realities of possibility. Thank you for this intimate glimpse into such sweet promise.


    • You are so generous with your compliment! …”lifting us to the realities of possibility”—yes, Nadia is reteaching me what I have forgotten! You write such tender words, “sweet promise.” Thank you from me and Nadia!


  3. bette910@aol.com says:

    I love this piece. It is so easy to see why your grandchildren love you so much.


    • Awe…thank you, Bette! It is so good that they are in my life—I would be truly lost without them! I was mentioning you on Tuesday to another person from New Hampshire who lives near Whitewater! You are scheduled for a meetup soon! She wants to meet you!


  4. Thank goodness for grandchildren. It’s a second chance to get it right – and you’re doing that with Nadia. 🙂


  5. Nancy says:

    How Fabulous this is. Touching the heart of a child, and the Wonderment of My Friend what is in her Heart as well. Hugs N Love


  6. A beautiful moment indeed


  7. Oh, Celestine, Nadia and Ayden bring such joy to my heart! I am so blessed!


  8. xbox2121 says:

    I am so sorry I. Lost your blog. The other day I was deleting some followers on my phone and my stylus slipped and deleted 3 or 4 I didn’t mean to. I knew I was missing someone that posted more than once a day anyway I think I found them all 😊


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