Abie & His GrandFather

This is such a tender story of family…of loss…of help…of love! It will touch your heart!

Acep Aprilyana


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Balongganduwasjust avillage,asmallvillageonceisolated. wildernessis itblanket.peace and quietis thepulse. foreignerswill thinka thousandtimestostay inBalonggandu, iftheyjustimagine itandwatch it from a distance. However, whenboth feethave trodrurallands, the heartwasgoing to fallover timeas well. by thefriendlinessof the villagers,by their sincerity, by theirtranquilityandpeace oftheirlife. Its spiritisunity,its breathingisharmony, its soul istruth. its dressis simplicity. its robeis resignation. Its friendispatience.

ifBalonggandunothaveit all,itsjusta small villagethat is notworthy tomention. disposeof thememoryisbetter thanthe brainexpectstomentionits name. no

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2 thoughts on “Abie & His GrandFather

  1. Mich Smith says:

    Love the story!!


  2. Yes, Acep’s story is beautiful!


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